• Lots of veneer in 'ere

    Andy King visits Freed Veneers and discovers that there’s a lot more to veneer than meets the eye.

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  • Frank Alan Kirkbright

    What more can be said about Frank's latest project. Through the use of some of our more exotic veneers, Frank has created some of the loveliest guitars we have seen in a long time.

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    If you have a project you would like to share using our veneers, please get in touch and we'll feature you on our blog.

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  • Phil Lyon Cabinet Maker

    Our latest showcase comes from Phil Lyon, a retired Policeman but also a City and Guilds trained Cabinet maker. He has been making furniture for the last 25yrs having trained at Manchester College getting his qualifications over a 4 year evening course.

    Phil Lyon Box Production

    Phil has now decided that he would like to create a business with which he makes boxes. As can be seen in the pictures below, here at the Hub, we believe Phil will have no problem whatsoever achieving this goal. We asked Phil how the project went and he replied:

    “The design was down to my friend who was specific in what he wanted and sizes. He wanted a traditional looking box with a drawer. It’s strange but I’ve never done a box with a drawer before and it took a bit of head scratching, but in the end was straight forward.“

    “The box measures 500 x 300 x 300 and the drawer is 65mm deep. He wanted to store paperwork and some specific items; hence the size and he wanted his initials carving. The box is dovetailed throughout and has an internal panel that acts as the box base and as a locator for two drawer runners. Underneath the drawer is the box bottom. I had to cut a rebate for the bottom rail under the drawer and due to cutting the drawer front from the box had to pack up the rail with offcuts matching the grain pattern in the rail, this was to make up for the gaps created when sawing the box front.“

    “For the lid I used burr walnut veneer gluing it to an MDF substrate and glued it into a rebate cut in the box sides. All was glued up and the lid cut off. For banding I used Snakewood and Ebony. Hardware used was Hawthorn hinges and lock and a traditional drawer lock. Piece was sanded to 600 grit and finished with shellac which I padded on, and then finished with wax. Oh sorry drawer is straight forward lap dovetails. My friend loves the piece and I really enjoyed making it.”

    Phil Lyon Box Production 2

    We wish Phil all the best in the future and hope we can help him along the way providing veneers for this beautiful boxes.

    Have a project you would like to share?

    If you have a project you would like to share using our veneers, please get in touch and we'll feature you on our blog.

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  • Moko Bespoke Furniture

    Our latest customer showcase comes from Adrien Moko. Adrien is a designer and creator of wonderful furniture and interiors so we were very pleased when he came to us when sourcing veneers for some of his latest projects.

    As can be seen in the photos below, Adrien does not lack any creativity or talent when it comes to the designing and production of woodwork. Our Wenge veneer was used for the free standing table stand which when finished gives a lovely natural, earthy look to any piece of furniture. Our Ebony veneer was then used for the TV cabinet doors which show how beautiful veneering can be when the veneers are used in various patterns and shapes and the final piece is the American Black Walnut shelving which shows the wonderful relation between beauty and functionality.


    We look forward to working with Adrien in the future as we like nothing more than seeing our raw materials being turned into living projects. We wish Adrien all the best in the future.

    You can visit Moko Bespoke Furniture by clicking here.

    Moko Bespoke Furniture Shelf

    Have a project you would like to share?

    If you have a project you would like to share using our veneers, please get in touch and we'll feature you on our blog.

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  • Jenna Coulthard is currently studying at Leeds collage of art on the printed textiles and surface pattern course. Throughout her last year she focused on traditional craft in a contemporary context and became interested marquetry as a method of surface pattern.

    Jenna Coulthard Showcase

    This project uses a mixture of dyed wood and more traditional grains to produce modern tiling for commercial or home interiors. The compositions were strongly influenced by architecture and work of the Memphis group. Jenna found that laser cutting the shapes was the most successful way to cut the veneer, giving a precise and clean finish. Jenna also experimented with patterning the wood with screen-printed textures.

    These pieces will be displayed along side other work at the Degree Show at Leeds College of Art on the 12th June, 2015 - Everybody is welcome!

    For updates on Jenna's work visit her website by clicking here and follow her on Instagram '@jennawennabobenna'.

    Have a project you would like to share?

    If you have a project you would like to share using our veneers, please get in touch and we'll feature you on our blog.

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  • Introducing Wittmann Workbenches

    The Wood Veneer Hub is pleased to announce that it will be now stocking the highest quality in solid wood workbenches.

    After thorough research we came across the Wittmann range which we soon found to be the perfect answer to anyone in need of a stand out workbench.

    The Wood Veneer Hub spent some time over in Austria at the traditional factory in the heart of the Alps and from this we learnt that the Wittmann company offered the highest quality handcrafted products. The historic family run business had the perfect story to go with its benches and it was with this that we knew that the Wittmann range was ideal for any junior, handyman or professional looking to update their workshop.

    We are currently offering three benches from their catalogue catering for all needs. We have the Junior Edition Workbench, allowing youngsters to get an early start in woodworking. These particular benches would be perfect for schools or educational purposes. The second bench we offer is aimed at the handyman and woodwork beginner. It looses none of the workbench functions whilst taking up little space in any garage, shed or workshop. Our third bench is the Professional Edition which caters for the experienced or soon to be experienced wood worker. With the tool recess at the rear side and plenty of storage, the Wittmann Professional Workbench is key to any woodworkers projects.

    Wittmann Benches

    All the benches we offer come with the storage modules and the special tail vice with steel rails in the U-shape and the French front vice with two guide rods meaning there are no extra costs for must need accessories.

    If you have any further questions regarding the products please do not hesitate to ask.

    To view the current range please click below.

    View the Wittmann Range

  • Philip Redman Clock Restoration

    Our customer showcase this week has been produced by Philip Redman. Philip came to us to for some Figured Mahogany after he decided that an old clock that he had needed restoring. As the pictures show, Philip has done an incredible job of giving the clock a new lease of life.

    The veneer received an application of mahogany stain, three coats of satin varnish and a couple of coats of beeswax polish to protect the finish. He then discovered quite early on that the veneer didn’t bend too well so each piece had to be cut (using a paper template and very sharp Stanley blade), gently bent or curved over a boiling kettle spout and then fixed as quickly as possible to the carcass using Evostik impact adhesive.

    The end product has turned out to be a success with the clock now looking as though it was new off the shelf! We wish Philip all the best with future wood projects.

    Clock Resoration

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    If you have a project you would like to share using our veneers, please get in touch and we'll feature you on our blog.

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  • Cadman Furniture

    Arthur and Rachel Cadman got in touch with us when looking to source some veneer for a furniture project they were planning. After supplying them with Oak and Walnut constructional veneer, which was then to be sandblasted to give a lovely decorative design on the back of the chairs, we were amazed by how the beautiful the end product was. The chairs and ‘Urchins’ show exactly what our veneers can be used to produce and its projects like this that make us happy we can supply the materials to people with such creative and exciting ideas.

    Cadman Furniture

    About Cadman Furniture

    Rachel and Arthur Cadman are a married team who design and make beautiful contemporary furniture. They believe that beauty and function can form a perfect partnership and there is no reason why one should be sacrificed for the other.

    As master cabinetmakers, their furniture is of the highest standard, therefore customers can enjoy both quality of craftsmanship and aesthetics.

    Their folio ranges from simplistic designs through to artistically flamboyant statements and they enjoy the exciting possibilities attainable in making lovingly hand crafted items.

    Cadman Furniture
    Cadman Furniture

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    If you have a project you would like to share using our veneers, please get in touch and we'll feature you on our blog.

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  • Eddie Ryan Custom Drums

    After Eddie Ryan got in touch with us asking for Maple Wood Veneer to create a drum kit we were more than happy to assist as like always, we love seeing our veneer being used in different and creative ways. After finding out what would work best we supplied Eddie with the Maple Decoflex Sheets which with its flexibility and large sheets, that can be easily cut to size, ended up to be the perfect product for the drums.

    Eddie has been a well-established drum maker for some time producing drums for some top names and we were honored that he came to us for veneer.

    Eddie Ryan Custom Drums


    After working as an apprentice in the Drum Department making Ajax and Edgware drums and later Rogers drums (under licence) he moved to the Boosey and Hawkes retail shop in Denman Street, Piccadilly where he did repairs in the basement. This was mainly for the musicians working in the theatres and clubs in the West End of London. In 1971 Eddie decided to start his own company. After working from home for a while he was then was offered a workshop above Len Hunts drum shop in Archer Street, Piccadilly.

    He made his first drum for Bob Henrit in 1973 who wanted a 10 by 7 tom-tom to match his kit which he could not get anywhere. The word soon spread and Eddie then started to get more and more orders then decided to design his unique shells and tooled up for his own designed square lugs etc. The premises then became too small at Archer Street and an opportunity arose to move to Covent Garden in premises measuring 6,500 sq. ft.

    More about Eddie and some of this projects and work can be seen below:

    Eddie Ryan Custom Drums

    Have a project you would like to share?

    If you have a project you would like to share using our veneers, please get in touch and we'll feature you on our blog.

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  • Saatchi Gallery (13 - 16 November 2014)

    Since 1904 Rolls-Royce has created instantly recognisable motor cars that have made the marque an enduring icon all over the world. Inspired by some of the most evocative cars ever built, they have had the great privilege of taking this legacy into the future.

    Our parent company Freed Veneers a major supplier to Rolls-Royce is excited to be a part of the Saatchi Gallery exhibition.

    Inside Rolls-Royce Wood Veneers

    About the Show

    Inside Rolls-Royce provides a unique opportunity to experience the essence of the pinnacle automotive brand in an interactive exhibition. You are invited to see some of the exquisite materials, the unrivalled technology and supreme craftsmanship that go into making 'the best cars in the world'.

    Inside Rolls-Royce will launch at Saatchi Gallery, and will then go on tour around major cities worldwide throughout 2015. Combining the latest technologies and design, Inside Rolls-Royce delivers an engaging and interactive experience. Exhibits use iBeacon innovations bringing to life iconic objects on visitors' smartphones and tablets.

    This is a multi-sensory experience telling stories of colour, attention to detail, technology, wood, and leather, with craftsmen from Goodwood, the Home of Rolls-Royce demonstrating their skills. There is even an opportunity to 'Be the Spirit' and transform yourself into the iconic statuette that adorns every Rolls-Royce motor car.

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