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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Acupanel® - the only wooden wall panelling with insulating properties too!

Acupanel® - the only wooden wall panelling with insulating properties too!

As the months get warmer and with summer just around the corner, it might seem slightly odd to be thinking about ways to insulate your home! 

Most people assume, rightly or wrongly, that insulation is solely about retaining the heat within a room. Equally, it is often presumed that the only way to insulate a house is by filling the cavities within the walls using a fiberglass or plastic composite type material, which is then plaster-boarded over.

Another misconception is that good insulation isn’t just about keeping the heat contained in colder temperatures – it’s about deflecting heat to keep internal spaces cooler in the warmer weather too.

Acupanel®, which is undoubtedly one of our most striking wooden wall panelling ranges is available with and without these attributes, thanks to some of the range having a unique, felt like backing material.

It’s suitable for use in either a domestic or commercial environment, and can be used on the ceiling as well as the walls, with spectacular results.

Acupanel®’s thermal properties don’t just stop with the insulating aspect either – noise levels can also be reduced. So if you’re living in an apartment or flat with other properties above yours, or share a party wall with an adjoining neighbour, cladding with acoustic Acupanel® wood wall panels will certainly help to reduce the sound transmissions between each home.

The entire range comprises of four collections. Contemporary, Rustic and Colour all feature the acoustic backing, whilst as you might expect, the aptly named Non-Acoustic range does not. 

So, with the warmer months approaching, there really is no better time to start planning how best to clad your walls – either to insulate them or to deflect the heat. After all, can you really face another uncomfortably warm bedroom in the summer or a cold home office this winter?

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