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Free UK delivery on all Acupanel® orders!
Free UK delivery on all Acupanel® orders!


karuun® is a new – revolutionary material, suitable for a vast range of interior design markets, that’s not only sustainable but also, is versatile with a wonderful and utterly unique aesthetic. karuun® uses ‘rattan;’ the hollow stems of the palm tree, as its core structure. These stems or capillaries are comparable to bundles of tubes, capable of transporting high volumes of water.

The innovative technology that forms karuun® utilises the capillaries, filling them with specialist bulking agents. This helps to create a surface or board material for construction that’s a viable alternative to plastic or timber.


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    Overview Using highly energy-efficient technology, we transform rattan’s natural structure into a material wh...

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karuun® stripe – superior aesthetic standard.

karuun® stripe allows surfaces with custom dimensions to be manufactured in a process which leaves no visible joints or offcuts. Almost any colour variation can be injected into the capillaries and processed into a karuun® surface.

karuun® stripe is perfect for use on flat surfaces such as boards or panels and its applications in interior design are boundless.

We believe that active protection of the environment can only work if the local population benefits.

Rattan naturally forms a symbiosis with neighboring trees; it needs the rainforest to thrive. As a natural raw material, it grows like a liana and is harvested in the most eco-friendly way – by hand by local farmers. Growing and harvesting rattan benefits these farmers, so protecting the environment is in their best interest.

Purchasing karuun® products directly contributes to the health and preservation of earth’s rainforests.

karuun® is the start of modern material thinking, be part of it now!

Our processing technology takes advantage of rattan’s characteristic vascular bundles, making it possible to treat the entire cross-section of rattan rods for the first time.

It is unique among processing techniques, as the treatment is carried out from the inside to the outside via the vasculature. This not only ensures the material is permeated effectively but it also requires very little energy.

karuun® Sample Service

You can order an karuun® on our sample page by clicking here.

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