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Free UK mainland delivery on all Acupanel® orders!
Free UK delivery on all Acupanel® orders!

Wood Wall Panelling for Living Rooms

Your living room is the centerpiece of your home. It’s where your family gathers and where you entertain guests. The living room says a lot about your style and personality. If you want to make a statement with your living space, then go with wood wall panelling. 

Our panels are made sustainably with high-quality materials, so they’ll last a long time while still looking great. They’re also easy to install. With a variety of colours and finishes available, we want you to find the perfect wood panelling for your living room.

  • Acupanel® Midnight Ash Acoustic Wood Wall Panels

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    Acupanel is a beautifully designed wood strip decorative wall and ceiling panel which boasts high-quality acoustic properties. The panels ...

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    Original price £159.99 - Original price £159.99
    Original price
    £159.99 - £159.99
    Current price £159.99

Colours, Finishes and Styles for Every Living Room

It's easier than you might think to make wood panels look modern. By switching up colours and styles, even the most traditional-looking wood panels can put in a contemporary appearance.

Wood is a versatile design element that’s been used for interiors for centuries – and with our updated styles, you can have a fresh take on this classic feature in your living room.

Transform Any Living Room

Make your living room into a brand new space with our countless options of wood panelling. From reclaimed wood panels to peel-and-stick, we have the wall cladding to suit any living room style.

Our wood panels arrive on your doorstep sealed and finished, so all you have to do is put them up on your walls.

Acupanel Acoustic Wood Panels

Living rooms are more relaxing when they’re quiet. Keep the noise down and with Acupanel Acoustic wood panels. Not only do these panels fit any living room style, but they’re also sound-absorbing.

Install them on a TV-backed wall to help deaden sound to other parts of the house, or to keep the noise in your living room low.

Wall Panelling Ideas for Living Rooms

Wood panels don’t have to be straight, vertical lines. You can flip them horizontally or cut them into unique shapes and patterns. If you’re not sure what your living room style is yet, take a look at our panelling products. You might just see wood panels that spark the idea for your entire living room design. Looking for inspiration? See our wall panelling ideas for living rooms.

FAQs & Fitting Help

How do you install wood wall panelling sheets?

Installing wood wall panels might sound like a big chore, but it’s not as complicated as it might seem. Keep in mind that the process will differ depending on which type of panels you buy. This is a guide to installing our Reclaimed Wood Panels, or other similar panels. The process for Acupanel and our peel and stick panelling will differ.

To install your wood wall panels, you first need to prep your walls. You should use adhesive to stick your panels on before nailing them into place. But adhesive will only work on un-wallpapered, dry, sound walls. So make sure your walls are the following:

  1. Sturdy enough to support wooden panels
  2. Clean from debris; use a dry cloth to wipe away any dust
  3. Free from trim around doorways, windows, etc.; remove trim and skirting boards before starting
  4. Free from outlet covers and switch plates

You should also acclimate your wooden panels by leaving them in the room for a few days. The wood will adjust to humidity and temperature levels this way. If you want to better hide the joints between the panels, you should also paint or stain your walls a color similar to your wood sheets before applying them.

Before cutting any of your wood panelling, lay out your sheets on the floor for a preview. Once you’re satisfied with your wood panelling design, you can start applying! You’ll need a caulking gun loaded with panel adhesive. Place dollops of adhesive on the wall, spaced 10 inches apart.

Then, put your panels in place on the wall, against the adhesive. Pull the panel away from the wall a bit to make the adhesive tackier, then push it back into place with a rolling pin. To finish, drive nails into place at the top of the panel and put the skirting boards back in place to secure the bottom.

How do you calculate the coverage for your panelling

How much wood wall panelling do you need for your DIY project? That depends on the nature of your project! Wooden sheets come in many styles and sizes, so you’ll have to add up how much you need once you’ve chosen your wall panelling design. You should also always purchase about 10 percent more wall panelling than you think you’ll need, to err on the side of caution.

For some wall panelling, like tongue and groove, you need to calculate the total area of coverage. For other panelling sheets, you just need the width of your wall. We also recommend spacing your wood panels apart evenly. Width between panelling sheets should be about 600mm. You need space in between panels in case the wood expands or retracts in higher or lower temperatures.

You can also measure windows and doors and subtract those dimensions from your overall count. Or you could leave them in, to ensure you have that extra 10 percent of wood panelling. You never know if something will go wrong!

Can I order a sample of panelling?

Yes! All samples are sized approximately 12cm x 10cm and are available for between £1 - £4,95. You can choose from our Reclaimed and Weathered Wall Panels, TimberStik Peel and Stick Wood Panels, or Acupanel Acoustic Wood Panels.

See our Samples page or our Acupanel pages to order samples. Ordering samples is the perfect way to see how our wood panelling will fit in your design scheme.

What are the best wood wall panels for living rooms?

Our wood panels are all suited for interior use, including living rooms. Any of our products would fit a living room well, it all depends on your style. However, our Acupanel Acoustic wood panels are always a good choice to help reduce noise.

What preparation is needed before fitting the sheets?

For most of our products, we recommend you remove the panels from their packaging and let them acclimate to the room you’ll be installing them in.

This ensures that they’ll adapt to temperature and humidity changes after they’re fitted on your walls. We also recommend cleaning your walls or surfaces with a dry cloth to remove any dust or debris.

Do you have non-acoustic Acupanel panels?

Yes! Our popular Acupanel wood panels are available with or without sound-absorption properties. The non-acoustic panels closely resemble the acoustic ones, with the same superior craftsmanship and finish.

They’re also available in all the same colours as the acoustic panels. Non-acoustic panels are a cost-effective solution for those who want the same Acupanel flair but have no need for sound-absorption.

Still Have Questions?

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