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Covid-19 Update | Shipping Orders As Normal

Acupanel Acoustic Wood Panel Individual Slats (10 Pack)



Acupanel is a beautiful wood strip decorative wall panel which has high-quality acoustic properties. The panels can be applied easily to walls and ceilings, be it domestic or commercial use. Modern styling personified in every way.

Lamella strips with a beautiful rustic appearance are secured on to a uniquely designed acoustic felt material. The rustic appearance means you will see small cracks and knots, which helps give the overall appearance of wood character.

Key Features

  • Available in five colours; Rustic Natural Oak, Rustic Oak Grey, Rustic Bronze Oak, Smoked Oak, and Walnut
  • Each Pack Contains 10 Slats
  • Oil Finished
  • 240cm x 2.7cm x 1.3cm Thickness
  • FSC© Certified

A Modern & Elegant Panel Solution

Enhance your space with Acupanel - our acoustic panel for wall and ceiling. The panels are made from veneered lamellas on a bottom of a specially developed acoustic felt made from recycled material.

The handcrafted panels are not only designed to fit in with the latest trends, but also are also easy to install to your wall or ceiling.

Handcrafted from Sustainable Materials

The Acupanels acoustic felt is made from recycled plastic bottles and all of the wood comes from sustainable forestry making the panels not only incredibly attractive but also environmentally friendly.

When you buy an Acupanel, you are not only transforming your space but by helping remove the waste from the worlds oceans you are also doing something great for the environment.

Outstanding Acoustic Properties

Acupanel is the perfect solution for efficient sound absorption, as well as lowering the reverberation time of noise in your space.

The panel obtains an absorption coefficient of 0.97 at a frequency of 1,000 Hz. Acupanels are most efficient between 500 - 2,000 Hz meaning they are perfect for domestic and commercial use.

Acupanel Sample Service

You can order an Acupanel sample by clicking here.

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