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Alphenberg® Leather Acoustic Slat Wall Panel Samples

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Alphenberg® X Acupanel® created a luxury leather wall panelling range to inspire you. Design dramatically different interior spaces with leather’s natural, chic look. All of the Alphenberg® wall panels are made from 100% real leather from the Netherlands, produced sustainably and of the highest quality. Leather wall panels look sturdy yet stylish, timeless yet modern. Incorporate this versatile, authentic material in countless ways to transform your interiors.

As this is a natural leather product, there can be colour variations between batches. Natural characteristics such as scars, mosquito bites, and potential overall colour changes from direct contact with sunlight may occur.

Key Features

  • All stock is held in our UK warehouse.
  • Easy to apply to walls, ceilings and furniture.
  • 100% genuine leather, sustainably sourced.
  • Durable sound-proofing solution.
  • Perfect for both residential and commercial environments.
  • Backing felt material produced from recycled material.
  • Quick and easy installation.


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An excellent choice for sustainable wall panelling.

Alphenberg® leather wall panels are made from the hides of free-roaming animals who were not bred for their hides. We use 100% genuine leather because animal hides are often a residual material, and our sustainable process ensures that we use them responsibly and without harming the environment.

A natural, luxury sound-dampening material.

You wouldn’t imagine leather when you picture sound-proofing materials. Leather has natural sound-dampening qualities, and when combined with acoustic slat panels, you have a durable sound-proofing solution for your interiors. A perfect wall panelling solution for designers, arcitects and end users.

Insulates sound as well as looks exquisite on your walls.

Not only can Alphenberg® acoustic leather slat panels insulate sound, but they also look exquisite on your walls and require little cleaning and maintenance. Leather is a naturally sturdy material as well, so you won’t need to replace your sound-proof leather slat panels for a long time.

Alphenberg® FAQ

How do the Alphenberg® panels arrive?

The Alphenberg BARR panels come in 240cm x 60cm sizes. Custom sized panels can be discussed.

Do the colours of the pictures look like the panels in real life?

As we are using natural, veg-tanned leather, colour differences between different batches are to be appreciated. This is exactly the charm of the product. Your panels can turn out a tone darker or lighter than the pictures or the sample. Colour nuances in the panels themselves are always visible.

How long will the Alphenberg® leather last?

The Alphenberg BARR panels will last more than a lifetime. The leather does not ever fade; you will only add to it, applying wax whenever you feel needed. We advise not to maintain too often, as we feel the leather looks nicest when you let it ‘live’. Leather will only look nicer over time.

How do I maintain the leather?

The leather is a 100% natural product.

Our Tundra collection is finished with a Paraffin wax, creating a matt and lively effect. The leather can lighten over time, as the Paraffin wax will slowly dry in the leather. The leather can be darkened using the Alphenberg beeswax. We advise moving slat per slat applying the wax.

For regular cleaning, we advise using a moist microfibre cloth.

How do I install Alphenberg® panels?

For superior sound absorption, we recommend installing the panels on French cleats. When the panels are used for decorative purposes only, they can be fitted using a mounting adhesive, or they can be screwed on the substrate directly.

How can I finish the edges of the panels nicely?

We offer finishing end pieces to fit at the end of your final panel.

What do I do if I have plug sockets, windows or other items to install around?

Our panels are designed to be easily adjusted. The leather slats can be sawed; the felt backing can be cut with a sharp blade.

Can the Alphenberg® BARR panels be used outside?

The Alphenberg BARR panels are designed to be used indoors only.

Are samples available?

Yes, you can purchase samples by clicking here.

Still Have Questions?

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