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Covid-19 Update | Shipping Orders As Normal
Covid-19 Update | Shipping Orders As Normal

Birch Flexible Plywood 0.4mm Thick 155cm x 155cm



KoskiPly is strong and the most flexible birch plywood available today. Due to KoskiPly's unique properties it is suitable for intricate fancy designs, from wall elements to luxury packaging.


  • Flexible and Bendy
  • Strong and Durable
  • Joint Free Surface
  • Easy Working Properties
  • Easy to Stain, Wax and Lacquer
  • Good Gluing Properties
  • Water and Heat Resistant Glue Bond
  • Ecological

End Uses

KoskiPly is a strong, flexible birch plywood with a beautiful smooth surface. KoskiPly is easily worked with all normal woodworking machines, artists tools and model making equipment. KoskiPly is the ecological choice coming from sustained managed Finnish Forests.

  • Interior Elements
  • Lamps, Furniture
  • Souvenirs and Ornaments
  • Model Making, Toys
  • Giftcards, Keycards, Postcards
  • Gift and Luxury Packaging
  • Wine Cases
  • Stickers and Labels

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