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Maple PSA Peel and Stick Wood Veneer

VAT Included

What is Peel & Stick?

Peel & Stick or Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) is our new product designed with ease of use in mind. The ultra flexible veneer is bonded to paper backing which when peeled off will provide a strong adhesive which will stick to any flat surface. It is easy to cut down to any required size or shape and the veneers thin structure gives the flexibility to the sheet which allows it mould around curves and other tricky orientations. This makes Peel & Stick a popular choice for all projects simple to complex.

Being a natural product the colour may slightly differ from the picture shown and please note that this product comes unfinished and unsanded meaning that any stain, varnish or any other finish you may want can be applied straight away without the need of sanding.

Size Options

Available in both 200cm x 60cm (79" x 24") and 200cm x 30cm (79" x 12"). You can select your required size from above.


  • Light in Colour
  • Unfinished
  • 0.4mm Thickness
  • 200cm x 30cm or 60cm
  • Manufactured by The Wood Veneer Hub