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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!

NL 2020.14 Reconstituted Wood Veneer

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Reconstituted or engineered wood veneers are manufactured by pressing wood veneers together. This revolutionary process was devised to achieve a specific pre-designed and consistent sheet appearance.

The “2020 Collection” has been created by carefully studying the latest market trends. Its different colours and grain patterns reveal Busnellis dedication to continuing experimenting with their veneers to provide designers with the most up to date finishes available.

Please note this is an end-of-line, non-returnable product. For more information, please refer to our T&C's.

Key Features

  • The most in trend veneers available
  • The highest quality woods and stains used
  • Minimal wastage with sheets
  • Endless finishes available
  • Sustainability sourced

Continually Evolving Finishes

Our reconstituted and engineered wood veneers recreate shades and nuances from the most classic and traditional to the most modern and imaginative. The patterns created by the interweaving and the combination of colours give rise to an infinite range of continually evolving finishes.

Thanks to this revolutionary production method, we can guarantee the repeatability and continuity of the texture and colour of the wood.

Only The Highest Quality

All of the reconstituted multi-laminar veneers are produced using the highest quality natural real Ayous and Polar woods. They are then stained with acid dyes in aqueous solutions and using ureic resins with low formaldehyde content. The veneers are in full compliance with international regulations on environmental protection and sustainability.

About Busnelli International

Busnelli’s vast collection of reconstituted veneers have been developed to fit in with the latest trends in the furniture, architecture and interior design industries. Their Italian flair and desire for the highest quality mean you are guaranteed to be receiving the high-quality reconstituted wood veneer at very competitive prices.


What is reconstituted / engineered wood veneer?

Engineered wood veneers are also known as recomposed, reconstituted or manufactured wood veneers.

Engineered wood is a re-manufactured product processed to achieve a specific pre-designed appearance. Each sheet sliced from a block will be consistent throughout.

Engineered wood veneers are sliced from softer, rapidly growing renewable species. The veneer is dyed in vats, dried and glued together into various shaped blocks where it will be re-sliced and re-glued, depending on the desired pattern.

The finished product can emulate natural wood features like a crown, quarter and straight grain. The technique allows you to create many different and unique patterns.

How do I store reconstituted / engineered wood veneer?

As reconstituted veneer is composed mainly of natural wood its moisture content may
vary in relation to the environment in which it is stored and worked; we recommend,
therefore, maintaining in the areas reserved for storing and working the veneer a
humidity rate of between 50% and 80% (Ur) at a reference temperature of 20-22° C.

Avoid all contact, even temporary, with water or other liquids, condensation and dripping onto the surface of the product.

The product should be stored flat at a height of at least 200-250mm from the floor
and the veneer must be protected from all light, both direct and indirect.

How do I apply reconstituted / engineered wood veneer?

Reconstituted veneer can be glued onto all wood-based supports with ureic or vinyl
glues. For gluing onto supports in different materials we recommend first carrying out
tests to check for any technical problems and assess the performance of the finished

Can I sand reconstituted / engineered wood veneer?

To remove from the product any traces of manipulation and/or glue left over from the gluing operation, the veneer should be sanded with grade 100/150/180 sandpaper, used singly or in succession on manual or automatic sanders. Sanding carried out at right-angles to the grain, if done forcefully, may leave on the material visible micro scratches or tears; it is necessary therefore, to perform tests beforehand in order to assess the result and decide which specific sanding techniques to adopt.

How do I finish reconstituted / engineered wood veneer? 

Reconstituted veneer may be varnished using the methods and classes of products recommended for varnishing natural wood, which are designed to preserve the material from phenomena of chemical/physical (photodegradation, thermal degradation) and mechanical (scrapes, blows, etc.) deterioration. It is advisable, in any case, to follow carefully the specific instructions provided by the varnish manufacturer, and to carry out tests before subjecting the reconstituted veneer to varnishing processes.

Still Have Questions?

Our team are available Monday to Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm to answer any questions you may have regarding our product range.

Call us on +44 (0)1525 851166.

Busnelli International Sample Service

You can order Busnelli International reconstituted and engineered wood veneer samples by clicking here.

Our complete reconstituted and engineered wood veneer range is held in our UK warehouse, we offer next day delivery or in-person collection.