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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
An Acupanel® feature wall for almost every room in your home!

An Acupanel® feature wall for almost every room in your home!

It's amazing how many rooms in your home naturally have a feature wall!

Walls have always been an integral part of our homes, providing us with a blank canvas from which we can customise our interior spaces.

The feature wall is often the most interesting part of any room, not just because it's where you'll find a favourite painting or piece of artwork, but also for its ability to act as a focal point.

The wall opposite your entry point often becomes the ‘feature’ wall, and as such, this wall tends to get the most attention, both in terms of being visually interesting but also in terms of decoration.

When it comes to choosing a wallcovering finish, there’s the obvious option of painting the feature wall in a contrasting colour or wallpapering it, but these options don’t always suit every interior scheme.

For a more modern interior space, why not consider wooden wall panelling? Minimal in its appearance, Acupanel® is the striking way to transform the walls in your home, and is suitable for virtually every room!

Acupanel® in a living room or lounge… 

There are many different ways to create a feature wall in a lounge or living space, apart from choosing the most obvious wall facing you. The chances are that you’ll have a television in this room, there might be a fireplace or often both! Usually, the main sofa or seating will be facing one of these, and as such it naturally becomes the focal point wall.

Used on a TV wall, Acupanel® provides the perfect backdrop for optimal, un-distracted viewing, and is also suitable as a surround for a fully enclosed feature fire, or on the recessed walls surrounding an open fireplace.

Acupanel® in a bedroom…

With the majority of Acupanel® finishes being available with acoustic soundproofing qualities, if you’re a light sleeper, it might be the alternative sleep aid you’ve been looking for!

Versatile in its usage, Acupanel® will add personality and style to a bedroom, whether used to clad an entire wall in the room, or as an eye-catching feature headboard.

Acupanel® in the kitchen…

Rather than opting for a more conventional choice such as tiles, Acupanel® can be used in the kitchen instead, as long as the surface isn’t in direct contact with water.

Alternatively, yet equally as striking, Acupanel® used on the underside of a breakfast bar is a fabulous visual addition, whilst providing some resilience to potential knocks from people’s feet as they sit down to eat or drink!

Acupanel® in the bathroom…

Sadly, Acupanel® is unsuitable for use in a shower or above a bath. However, in much the same way as it can be used in the kitchen, as long as Acupanel® isn’t in direct contact with water, and the bathroom or en-suite is well ventilated with an extractor fan, then it can be used to clad the walls.

Acupanel® in the hallway…

Your hallway is probably one of the first places that your visitors will see when they visit your home, and as such, it’s important to consider its decoration, even if it is quite a small space.

Always a talking point, visually attractive Acupanel® can be fitted both horizontally or vertically to create the illusion of a wall being wider or taller than it actually is, making it the perfect choice for a hall, stairs and landing, whether spacious or not!

Acupanel® in your office…

If working from home is looking like a longer term fix, then you might want to consider Acupanel® with acoustic properties? Designed to reduce sound reverberation or any noises travelling between adjacent rooms, if you’re struggling to concentrate in your home office environment, perhaps it’s time for Acupanel®?

Acupanel® in the dining room…

Frequently a longer and sometimes ‘thin’ room lacking character, Acupanel® is certain to add style to any dining room setting, and with an array of both wooden and colour finishes, you can choose to match or complement with the furniture in the room.

Wherever you’re looking to create a feature wall in your home, consider Acupanel® from The Wood Veneer Hub as the stylish alternative to characterless paint!

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