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Knowledge Hub

Welcome to our knowledge hub. Everything here is to help answer your questions before you buy. Whether it's understanding the difference between our products, how to install them or something a little more technical. For answers to Frequently Asked Questions, please see our category pages, as the questions can be very specific to individual product ranges. If there's anything else that you need help with, please click the (?) Need Help? button, bottom left.

Wood Veneer Guides

Everything you ever wanted to know about wood veneers, but were afraid to ask. What they are, how they're made, their thickness, colour, grades and mostly importantly - How to apply them to a wide range of surfaces, beautifully finish them and look after them.

How To Apply Wood Veneer
- Wood veneer tutorial
- How to cut wood veneer
- How to glue wood veneer
- Wood veneer to curved surfaces
- Wood veneer edging
- Wood veneer to mdf speakers
- Wood veneer to kitchen cabinets
- Wood veneer to furniture
- Wood veneer to plywood
- How to stain wood veneer
- How to finish wood veneer
- Wood veneer care and maintenance

How To Remove Wood Veneer
How To Rejuvenate Wood Veneer
How To Repair Water Damaged Wood Veneer

Wood Wall Panel Guides

We wanted to create a truly comprehensive guide on wood wall panelling for our customers. The types of wall panelling we offer, what they are best used for, how to install them, cut them to fit around plugs, windows and fixtures, then tidy up the edges.0

How To Install Wood Wall Panels
- Wood wall panel installation guide
- Best surfaces for wood wall panels
- How to glue on to wall
- How to screw into wall
- How to screw into timber batons
- Wood wall panel edging
- How to cut wood wall panels
- How install wall panels around plugs, windows and fixtures
- How to hide wires

Wall Panelling & Cladding Buying Guide
Wood Wall Panel Types
Acoustic vs Non-Acoustic Wood Wall Panels
Wood Panel Samples

Can Wood Wall Panels Be Used in Bathrooms or Kitchens?
Can Wood Wall Panels Be Used Outside?

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Our sample service is the perfect way to make sure you choose the right finish for your project.

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