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Free UK delivery on all Acupanel® orders!
Free UK delivery on all Acupanel® orders!

Peel & Stick Real Concrete Sheets

Our state of the art peel and stick technology, combined with real stone veneer, offers the ability to interpret concrete in a whole new light.

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CubeFlex Wood Veneer

The pre-finished, highly decorative sheet offering an out of the box wood veneering solution.

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Constructional Wood Veneer

Now Available in 1.5mm and 2.5mm thicknesses.

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Luxury Natural Wood Lighting

Easy. Beautiful. Bright. Our bespoke lamp range sets atmospheric points of light that spreads a harmonious indirect lighting for a relaxed atmosphere. 

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Raw, Rugged and Downright Solid Furniture

Working with Nature Systems, producers of high-quality solid wood products. We are now supplying residential and commercial projects with a wide range of luxury wood furniture.

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Sustainable Wood Panelling

At The Wood Veneer Hub, we pride ourselves in using the most sustainable materials available. Whether its FSC sourced wood or recycled plastic bottles, our materials guarantee that your panelling not only adds decoration to your project but does so in an environmentally friendly way.

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