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Free UK mainland delivery on all Acupanel® orders!
Free UK delivery on all Acupanel® orders!

We love everything about wood. From its unique appearance and the captivating way it grows to the many properties and uses that it offers, our passion for wood is as strong as our DNA.


The Wood Veneer Hub caters for all your DIY requirements, offering you a one stop shop where you can get your wood veneers, adhesives and all the tools & finishes you might require along the way. Quality service and a friendly voice at the end of the phone is what we are all about.

So whether you are an antique dealer, boat restorer, furniture maker, model builder or a proud home maker who wants to turn your house into a palace or if you just want beautiful veneers to add that stylish touch then The Wood Veneer Hub is here for you.

Customers are always welcome to visit our warehouse in Leighton Buzzard where you can view our extensive range of products. Please call ahead on +44 (0)1525 851166.


For years we have travelled the world in search of hardwoods that provide beautiful natural wood veneers. Since the mid-seventies we have worked tirelessly to bring the world's woods to connoisseurs alike.

It was from here that we decided that these veneers should be introduced to the wider public and The Wood Veneer Hub was created. After a successful first year in business, demand and interest caused us to form the new and improved website which included a large range of tools as well as a wider range of wood veneer species and products.

A simple love of wood, an art of nature and a passion to work with like-minded designers and wood workers has helped us build a welcoming one stop shop.

Our projects have included collaborating with fine Furniture designers, the Automotive and Aircraft industries, Marine designers and Architects matching their vision with our expertise selecting graded veneers to complement their products.


The Wood Veneer Hub depends on Natural resources. With that in mind working with Veneers means we are selective in our log procurement. Today with advance cutting techniques we can utilize much more of a veneer log thus preserving one of the worlds most valuable natural resources.

From choosing furniture to building materials, you can make an environmentally responsible choice by ensuring that you consider all the advantages of wood. As a fuel, like other biomass, wood is renewable and offers environmental advantages over fossil fuels such as oil, gas and coal.

Since the mid-seventies we have worked tirelessly to bring the world's woods to connoisseurs alike.