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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Turning the cogs of time…

Turning the cogs of time…

We love to hear from our happy customers and see their creations. One exciting case study was recently sent to us, from a recent graduate in Product Design, who studied at Birmingham City University.

Having been inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s Marvelous Machines, Will Gibson decided to base his final project on the amazing work he had seen in the Venice museum.

“Da Vinci’s designs and ideas were so forward thinking for 15thcentury Italy. The machines on show in the museum were mesmerizing and the sound of the wooden cogs grinding against each other in operation to create motion left me feeling humble.”

Feeling immensely inspired, Will created his own final piece aptly called ‘Tavola Di Cambio’, which literally translates to ‘Gear Table’.

Synonymous with design, the Italians are unrivalled in creating products with finesse, so Will knew his table had to have an equally high caliber.

Whilst the delicate hairpin legs were sourced elsewhere, Will made the stunning table top from five individual pieces of Ash, but he wanted to learn a new skill to add to his portfolio and decided upon veneering for the cogs.

After contacting The Wood Veneer Hub, Sales Manager Callum Freed invited Will to visit the showroom, before selecting his chosen veneer.

“My time at the showroom was invaluable. I gained so much information from speaking to Callum and seeing the breathtaking selection of veneers that you stock.” 

Based in Leighton Buzzard, and home to PLAANK and Freed Veneers too, Will decided upon using a combination of Birch plywood and Walnut veneer for the feature cogs on the table top. After being designed on AutoCAD, the gears were cut on a CNC machine, sanded by hand and finished using Danish Oil.

Will’s target market for the table is the design community, who appreciate its unique combination of form, function, craftsmanship and undeniably beautiful materials, and we couldn’t agree more!

It’s a truly remarkable table and considering Will had never used wood veneer before this project, he certainly did our Walnut veneer justice.

See more of Will’s work on his Instagram account and his website, and be sure to be following us too on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to see our new and exciting veneers first!

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