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Click here to view our natural, handcrafted wooden wall panel range. Available Now!
Click here to view our handcrafted wall panel range. Available Now!

Figured Koa Wood Veneer


Wood Veneer Description

The Figured Koa veneer, also known as Hawaiian Koa and Acacia Koa is found on the Hawaiian Islands and is one of our most prized veneers.

 Its heartwood is a Reddish to dark Golden Brown with irregular dark Brown growth rings and streaks and its grain is interlocked and sometimes wavy or curly giving a wonderfully attractive fiddle back figure.

 Whilst normal Koa is readily avaliable, the figured material like these sheets are extremely rare and would be perfect if creating that very special project.

Common Uses

  • One off furniture pieces
  • Paneling
  • Musical instruments
  • Automotive


  • Unfinished
  • 0.6mm thickness
  • Various Sizes - please select from above