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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!

The Wood Veneer Softener

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A pre-diluted solution that will flatten and soften your warped, buckled or curled veneers. Once dry the veneer will revert to its original state and can be glued and finished perfectly.

Either spray or brush the solution over the complete area of both sides of the veneer sheet you would like to soften.

Place the veneer between two flat surfaced boards with a heavy weight placed on top. The heavier the weight the better the solution will work. Absorbent paper is recommended between the veneer and the boards to speed up the drying process.

Leave to the veneer to dry for twelve hours replacing the absorbent paper at regular intervals. Keep doing this until the veneer is completely dry as any softener still in the veneer may cause warping, cracking or splitting when creating the final product.

Keep the veneer placed between the two boards until you believe it is completely dry and flat as leaving it out in the open may cause it to warp again meaning the flattening process will have to be started again.

After the veneer has completely dried you will then be able to glue, finish and lay it as you would normally.