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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!

Wood Wall Panelling for Hallways

You don’t give much thought to your hallways – they’re just a conduit to pass through on your way somewhere more important. But hallways have a bigger impact on your design aesthetic than you might think. Some attention to small detail can go a long way.

Wood panelling in a hallway shows off your style. By creating an eye-catching space that visitors and guests normally wouldn’t pay attention to, you make your home feel more comfortable. With high-quality wood panels from the Wood Veneer Hub, made only from sustainable resources, you can create that cosy feeling you’re after.

Colours, Finishes and Styles for Every Hallway

Is wood panelling modern enough to install in a hallway? If you update it with various colours and finishes, of course it is!

Our wide selection of wood wall cladding lets you choose the style that suits your home. Your hallway can look traditional with classic wood panelling, or you make it ultra-contemporary.

Transform Any Hallway

With our line of decorative interior wall panelling, you have countless options for transforming your hallway. You have your choice of colourways and don’t have to worry about staining or painting your panels when they arrive. We finish and seal them so all you have to do is install. With so many colours to choose from, you’ll find the perfect panelling for your DIY project.

Plaank Reclaimed Wood Panels

To make a big impression with your hallway, go for a rustic theme. Our Plaank Reclaimed Wood Panels will bring you closer to nature, adding texture and character to your interior space.

The reclaimed wood panels are made with sustainable recycled wood, so your hallway will have an authentic feel.

Wall Panelling Ideas for Hallways

Coming up with a theme for a hallway should be easy, right? Sometimes, small rooms are harder to decorate than large ones – especially if that room isn’t really a room at all.

Stunning wood panels can breathe life and character into a space people are only meant to pass through. Looking for inspiration? See our wall panelling ideas for hallways.