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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
All that glitters is not gold!

All that glitters is not gold!

Even in the current world that we live in, where some of the latest advances in product materials are simply stunning, nothing quite beats the products created by nature!

At The Wood Veneer Hub we all share a love of wood. It’s a passion and admiration that had intensified over time, as we discover more and more beautiful species, enabling us to add to our ever increasing portfolio of products.

From initially only offering a fabulous selection of veneers, sourced from around the world, we recently ‘branched’ out into the wall panelling sector, offering an alternative solution to paint and wallpaper.

This trendy look is very much in vogue, with the likes of stylish Acupanel exceeding even our expectations as to its popularity.

Like wood, naturally occurring shells can be immensely attractive in terms of their structure and colour, and especially those from hotter and more exotic climates.

It’s a product that has been admired for centuries, and used as a decorative embellishment in interiors and fashion, thanks to its unique lustre and diversity of colour.

Sourced from the oceans surrounding New Zealand, Luméa is the latest addition to our product portfolio.

Responsibly harvested, Luméa offers some of the best shell veneers in the world in an array of colours.

From intensely striking Abalone Paua Peridot Green and Blue Sapphire to sophisticated Abalone White Mother of Pearl and Natural Pearl, the Luméa range is sure to offer an unrivalled decadent inlay.

Supplied in sheet format, each Luméa veneer has been made using 100%, almost paper thin shell veneer, cut into a random mosaic pattern. 

Each delicate sheet is less than 0.5mm in thickness, making it very easy to cut using sharp scissors or a craft knife. This can then be applied onto any wood, metal or acrylic project that requires the most luxurious of finishing touches.

Fall in love all over again with our fabulous portfolio of Luméa real shell veneer!
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