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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!

Abalone Pearl Natural Shell Veneer

by Luméa
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Original price
£29.99 - £34.99
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Select Size: 200mm x 200mm (Square Sheet)
Select Finish: Gloss


Genuine 100% natural shell veneer with the natural Abalone Pearl hues of warm cream with a gloss finish and opaque backing. Light and versatile. Approx. .3 mm thick, these AAA quality sheets are perfect for inlays into wood, metal or acrylic, as well as fashion and accessories. Used by luxury brands worldwide. Sustainability and provenance guaranteed. Can be cut with sharp scissors, a Kraft knife or laser cutter.

Key Features

  • Shell Type: Abalone Pearl (Haliotis Asinina)
  • Colour: Natural cream
  • Finish: Gloss coated
  • Quality: AAA
  • Pattern: Tessellating
  • Size: Useable area 200x200mm (actual size 205x205mm)
  • Thickness: Approx. 0.3mm
  • Backing: Pigmented opaque acrylic

Bring Nature into your Home

The iridescence and ethereal colour of natural shell creates a luxurious décor accent. Luméa shell veneers are timeless and work with any interior or furniture style. Luméa veneers are used in architectural design, furniture and fashion worldwide.

We celebrate the diverse textures, colours and provenance stories of our shells bringing the luxury of nature to the busy urban environment in an easy to use form. All shell comes with a sustainability and provenance guarantee.

Perfect for Inlay

Luméa veneers can be inlaid into wood, metal or acrylic. A perfect material for design: flat, and easy to cut into intricate patterns using a laser cutter or Kraft knife.

The sheets have an opaque backing and a gloss or matte finish to enhance and protect the shell. Different tints broaden the colour options available. A complimentary 5mm border on sheet edges allows for wastage.

Best Quality Shell Veneer Sheets

Luméa natural shell veneers are the best in the world, made from sustainably harvested, AAA quality shells. Expertly processed, our shells are first cut into strips and then sliced into small feather like, paper thin pieces which are puzzled tightly together to form one sheet.

Our shell veneers have the highest shell coverage per sheet and no synthetic shell. They are UV stabilised to prevent yellowing and tested for a range of conditions.

About Luméa

Luméa is the world’s most trusted shell materials business. From small beginnings in New Zealand, our family has been sustainably sharing the Oceans beauty for more than 25 years.

We are environmentally and socially responsible. We manage the end to end process from harvesting the shells to making the veneer to ensure the highest quality product.


What is Luméa shell veneer?

Shell veneer is a fascinating product: Imagine a shell: a very hard, natural formation of calcium. Imagine it gets sliced up in 1cm wide strips - and then these strips get sliced into ever thinner slices, while still being 1cm wide.

These feather-thin strips get bonded together, and then – we have shell veneer. The thickness of shell veneer is only 0.3mm. It displays all the characteristics of the shell it is made from: colours, ripples, it shimmers and shines.

The advantage of shell veneer is in its flatness, and that it can be cut by hand into shapes.

How do I cut a Luméa shell veneer?

There are several ways of cutting shell veneer, anything from craft knife to laser cutter. It depends on the tools available, your experience with them and what effect you are trying to create.

A craft knife or scalpel and a metal ruler, or something similar that is the shape you require - we recommend testing a small piece first. Do this mainly for cutting straight lines. Use on a hard surface, press down firmly on the line or position you wish to cut. Drawing the knife gently across a few times times - just use gentle pressure -, scoring the shell deeper each time until it separates. Repeat several times with increasing pressure as you cut through the shell into the adhesive backing (if it has been applied). This should give the best result.

Scissors - Must be very good quality, very sharp with tight blades. Scissors can be used to cut curves. Using masking tape on the edges may minimise any fractures to the edges. We have found scissors generally cause minute cracking along the edge, which may not be acceptable to your project, depending on intended use.

Other tool to use is a high speed fine tooth blade, e.g. router or circular saw with diamond blade.

What is ‘natural’ Luméa shell veneer?

Natural Mosaic or Natural Strip describe how the feather-thin strips of shell veneer are arranged on the sheet: in a mosaic-type form or strip-like. Natural also describes that they have had a clear coat of laquer to protect the shell veneer; it enhances their natural colouring. No colour is added to the coating process.

What is 'coated' Luméa shell veneer?

In our catalogue you see the amazing colours we have developed for our coated shell veneers. These get applied with the coating of the shell veneers. Note when you sand the shell veneer that you are likely to sand through the coloured coating. For an application where the final product needs to be sanded we recommend using composite veneers.

Can luthiers use Luméa shell veneer for inlays?

We work with a number of instrument makers around the world, who create their own shapes and designs from our shell veneers.

What glue is best for Luméa shell veneer?

Our shell veneers come standard with a plain backing sheet. We offer shell veneer with a commercial peel & stick backing, that adheres to most surfaces. Shell veneer can also be glued with two-part epoxy.

What type of coating is used on Luméa coated veneers?

On New Zealand Abalone Natural we use a UV cured acrylic gloss urethane.
Spray coated as 100% solids coating with excellent resistance to abrasion, moisture, petroleum solvents and mineral and vegetable oils, alkalis and acids. UV stable.

For all other shell types, we use Urethane Acrylic Gloss Finish. This is a unique high performance two component finish coat with excellent resistance to abrasion, moisture, petroleum solvents and mineral and vegetable oils, alkalis and acids. UV stable.

How thick are Luméa veneers?

The standard thickness is 0.3mm, however because this is a natural product the thickness may vary plus or minus 0.1 mm.

Still Have Questions?

Our team are available Monday to Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm to answer any questions you may have regarding our product range.

Call us on +44 (0)1525 851166.

Our complete Shell Veneer range is held in our UK warehouse, we offer next day delivery or in-person collection.