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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!

Eco-Slat WPC Cladding

Eco-Slat offers an environmentally friendly alternative to real wood, wood veneer or cork wall panelling. Beautiful in appearance, each panel offers streamlined looks, coupled with ease of installation.

Manufactured using the latest technologies, Eco-Slat pioneers the way in wood plastic composite (WPC) wallcoverings. Incredibly realistic in appearance, each Eco-Slat panel is consistent in its colouration, offering uniformity of colour and finite standardisation of dimensions.

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Introducing Eco-Slat, our range of wood plastic composite cladding.

We have WPC wallcoverings in several colours and finishes to suit your style. With their authentic appearance, WPC panels will add instant charm to any room or outdoor space. Enhance your office, home, bar, restaurant, or garden with our environmentally-friendly Eco-Slat panels.

Timber effect cladding can give you the wood-panelled look you’re going for, but without harming the environment.

These sustainable WPC wall panels are also engineered with high-quality materials to ensure durability, even outdoors. The natural-looking colour and finish of our Eco-Slat composite cladding panels won’t fade over time, so your indoor or outdoor space will always look fantastic.

Composite wood effect wall cladding for outdoor spaces.

Why is WPC cladding perfect for outdoor use? It can withstand sun, rain, and wind without showing signs of damage. Wood effect cladding also adds a unique design style to your garden, patio, courtyard, or outdoor dining area.

The Eco-Slat panels are easy to install as well – no need to call a professional to fit them. WPC external cladding also stands up to weather better and is immune to insect damage. When it comes to wood effect wall cladding for your garden or other outdoor area, Eco-Slat WPC panels are a confident choice.

Eco-Slat is a durable composite wall cladding solution.

WPC panelling is made from a durable material that resembles wood. Composites may be made from wood fibres or thermoplastics, depending on the type you get. There are a few advantages to WPC over real wood, especially for outdoor use.

Maintenance is easier with composite panelling, as real wood exterior cladding requires annual painting and sealing and WPC panels do not.

WPC cladding available in several high quality wood effect finishes.

Our WPC external cladding comes in several styles so you can choose the best one for you. We have thin slats, interlocking cladding with channels running through, as well as totally smooth panels.

We’ve provided plenty of choices for your new Eco-Slat panels, so you can find a composite cladding panel for your outdoor space, no matter what kind it is.

An eco-friendly exterior wood wall and ceiling panel alternative.

Plastics used to be made with inorganic, petroleum-basic fillers, which kept costs down but hurt the environment. Wood plastic composite uses organic fillers in plastic production, such as sawdust or wood pulp.

Plastic composites made with wood materials also require a lower melting temperature to produce, resulting in lower energy costs.

Eco-Slat FAQs & Fitting Help

What are Eco-Slat panels made from?

Eco-Slat is made up of 60% wood fibres, 30% PVC and 10% polymer material.

How strong are the Eco-Slat panels?

Due to the durability of the composite, the Eco-Slat range is incredibly strong and longer-lasting than other solid wood cladding.

Can the product be used outdoors?

The Eco-Slat wall panel range has been designed to be used outdoors.

Will the Eco-Slat wall panels be affected by the weather?

The Eco-Slat range is designed to withstand any weather changes. Each panel has a UV finish applied to keep any fading of colour down to a minimum.

Why is Eco-Slat wood panelling better than solid wood cladding?

Whilst Eco Slat looks similar to solid wood, it is also flame retardant, waterproof, anti-corrosive, insect-proof, odourless, is quick to install and has easy maintenance, all of which solid wood does not have.

What is the tolerable temperature range of the Eco-Slat panelling range?

The Eco-Slat wood will survive temperatures up to 68 degrees celsius and -35 degrees celsius.

Are Eco-Slat panels water-resistant?

Yes. Because the water absorption rate of ecological wood is only 1.74%, and its own water content is only 1.7%. The result is similar to the water absorption rate of ceramic tiles

Is Eco-Slat wood environmentally friendly?

Eco-Slat wood is created from a wood powder, a small amount of resin and polymer additives. It does not contain formaldehyde, hydrogen, benzene and other harmful substances. After decoration, it is non-toxic, odourless, and its thermal conductivity is far lower than any metal and plastic. It can keep heat out in the summer and keep warm in winter. It is truly an environmentally friendly product.

Is Eco-Slat easy to install?

Eco-Slat wood has an excellent industrial design; therefore, the installation is highly labour and time-saving. Please see the installation guide for more details.

Still Have Questions?

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