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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!

Leather Wall Panels

We created our luxury leather wall panelling range to inspire you. Design dramatically different interior spaces with leather’s natural, chic look. All of our leather wall panels are made from 100% real leather from the Netherlands, produced sustainably and of the highest quality. Leather wall panels look sturdy yet stylish, timeless yet modern. Incorporate this versatile, authentic material in countless ways to transform your interiors.

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Made from 100% Real Leather

Our leather wall panels are made from the hides of free-roaming animals who were not bred for their hides. We use 100% real leather because animal hides are often a residual material, and our sustainable process ensures that we use them responsibly and without harming the environment. Leather is an excellent choice for sustainable wall panelling because it’s durable and requires light maintenance. Your leather panels will last you a long time, insulating sound and even providing fire-retardant protection.

Acoustic Leather Slat Panels

You wouldn’t imagine leather when you picture sound-proofing materials. Leather has natural sound-dampening qualities, however, and when combined with acoustic slat panels, you have a durable sound-proofing solution for your interiors. Not only can acoustic leather slat panels insulate sound, but they also look exquisite on your walls and require little cleaning and maintenance. Leather is a naturally sturdy material as well, so you won’t need to replace your sound-proof leather slat panels for a long time.

Leather Wall Panels & Tiles

Leather is an attractive, unique option for luxury wall panelling. It adds instant character to your living room, office, bedroom, or any interior space. Leather wall panels are typically created and installed as tiles. Depending on the thickness of the leather you choose, the tiles are joined together differently, creating a variety of appearances. Working with leather is an exciting challenge for interior designers and architects because it allows for innovative designs and the ultimate expression of style.

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