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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!

Wood Panelling for Ceilings

Most people don’t notice and the ceiling – and most ceilings are unnoticeable. But if you want to make your ceiling a focal point, wood panels can transform the top of any room. Wood panelling emphasises your ceiling in all the right ways. It draws attention without overwhelming and suits sleek, rustic, organic, traditional, or playful styles. If you’ve never considered wood panels for your ceiling, then take a look at our wide range of finished styles that will enhance every ceiling. With our wood panelling’s high-quality materials and easy installation, you’ll wonder why you didn’t revamp your ceiling before.

Colours, Finishes and Styles for Every Ceiling

Aren’t wood panels an outdated style that belongs to another era? Contemporary designers have reinvigorated wood panelling, using it in unique and innovative ways.

Wood panels have made a comeback, and they’re sleeker than ever. Adding wood panels to unexpected places, like the ceiling, have given classic wood panelling a fresh look.

Transform Any Ceiling

With our selection of decorative wood panelling products, you let your imagination run wild. Our various brands suit several designs. From our streamlined wood slat panels to make any space ultra-contemporary, to our reclaimed panelling that adds instant charm, our products were engineered for versatility and durability. Whatever your style is, you won’t be disappointed with our wood panels.

Acupanel Acoustic Wood Panels

In addition to re-energising your room’s look, ceiling panels can also help reduce noise. If you install our Acupanel acoustic wood panels on your ceiling, you can help deaden the sound in your space and prevent it from travelling to your upstairs neighbour.

Our Acupanel products come in several colours as well, so you can find the style that fits your room.

Wood Panelling Ideas for Ceilings

Your ceiling has a lot of design potential and wood panels can help you realise your vision. Use our reclaimed wood panels to make your room feel like a small cottage. Make your ceiling a quirky focal point with one of our creative cork panels. Sleek, modern, traditional, playful, chic, ornate – whatever your style, we have the colours and finishes to suit it.

Looking for inspiration? See our wood panelling ideas for ceilings.