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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Ceiling panel ideas using wood

Ceiling panel ideas using wood

Wood ‘wall panelling’ as its name suggests is a product frequently used on walls as a wallcovering, but its possible uses are far more diverse!

Especially eye-catching, wood panelling is a fabulous choice for a ceiling covering too. Not only does it make a great change from a conventionally painted white ceiling, it adds both style and colour to a large surface area that’s almost always overlooked.

The benefits of panelling a ceiling don’t just stop at its visual appeal. Like walls, a plastered ceiling is prone to hairline cracks, something that wood panelling will disguise. Regardless of whether it’s a wall or ceiling, as long as the surface is relatively sound, it can be clad with wood panelling.

Acupanel® has fast become the number one choice for cladding ceilings as well as walls. A favourite amongst homeowners, interior designers and architects, Acupanel® not only looks sensational in domestic properties, but its stylish looks are gracing the ceilings of many commercial installations too!

Each Acupanel® section is made up of a series of thin wood veneer strips, which are then mounted onto a felt like backing. This backing not only adds to its appeal, creating a three dimensional surface, it offers acoustic insulation too, thus helping to alleviate sound traveling between the different floors in everyday homes and buildings. 

Where sound travelling really is an issue, such as for a keen musician or even a recording studio, the acoustic insulation can be further intensified by fitting batons first, and then attaching the Acupanel® to them, to create a ‘sandwich’ with additional insulation if required.

Obviously, you don’t have to be a musician to appreciate the many properties of Acupanel®. Sometimes just creating a feature centrepiece is all the ceiling really needs.

Another popular and very visual way to use Acupanel® is on the wall and ceiling together.

This idea works especially well in hallways, stairways and landing areas, as the space tends to be narrow. The linear detailing of the Acupanel® naturally leads the eye up the wall, then onto the ceiling, giving the area its own architectural feature.

Because Acupanel® can be easily cut on site, it can be mitred around both internal and external 90˚ shapes.

This idea isn’t just limited to hallways. Replicate the stylish looks of ‘hotel chic’ for a bedroom oozing with style, by replacing a headboard with a feature section of Acupanel®, then continue the linear detailing across the ceiling in line with the bed.

In fact, many of us are inspired by the creative ways that hotels, bars, cafes and restaurants style their interiors, and as such aim to repeat them in our own homes.

Fitted horizontally, Acupanel® will add to the illusion of a room appearing wider than it actually is, and in much the same way, by continuing it over a lower height ceiling section above booth type seating, the overall ambience of the room is warm and inviting, wherever you sit!

Whether you are a homeowner, an architect or designer, we recommend browsing our full range of ceiling wood panels to ensure that you purchase only ceiling-suitable wood panelling.

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