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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Explore the world of upcycling with beautiful, innovative, and versatile fabric veneers.

Explore the world of upcycling with beautiful, innovative, and versatile fabric veneers.

NUNOUS®: a beautiful, new life for waste textiles by Japanese dyeing company Seishoku.

NUNOUS® is an upcycled material made by the Japanese dying company Seishoku, which has over 140 years of experience and history in the textiles and dyeing industry. Seishoku specialises in dyeing and finishing fabric uniforms, artificial leather, and coloured denim, producing up to 50km of fabric daily. They focus on producing high-quality products from their Okayama factory and aim to "enrich society through dyeing techniques" through these innovative products.

Over the years, Seishoku noted the textile industry's negative environmental impact and how it contributes to this issue. From end-of-life and unsold fashion pieces to the sub-standard rolls of fabric discarded during manufacturing, it's no wonder that the textile and dyeing industry has recently been named as the second largest contributor to pollution. With Japan being one of the most significant contributors, partly due to their strict quality control and difficulty with recycling fabric, Akira Himei, CEO of Seishoku, knew they needed to reduce their waste output.

To tackle this waste epidemic came the creation of NUNOUS®; the waste textiles from their factory were pressed with a resin from non-edible sugarcane to create fabric blocks, utilising innovative and patented technology. This block is the foundation of NUNOUS®, with the block sliced to varying thicknesses to create the SKIN and STONE ranges. Utilising offcuts from their factory and other textile factories across Japan, the NUNOUS® range is indeed' a fabric that supports our tomorrow.'

How it’s made: innovative upcycling

NUNOUS® takes cut-offs and substandard textiles from the fashion industry, transforming them into beautiful fabric veneers. From rolls of wastage to the final product, the off-cuts go through multiple stages to achieve the flexible, colourful range of veneers in the NUNOUS® range. 

Endless opportunities for creativity

The NUNOUS® range offers endless creative and design opportunities. Although no grain patterns will be identical, the colour consistency between batches ensures complete control over your final piece. Be this a block designed for laser engraving or ultra-thin veneer sheets for lampshades, the range's versatility speaks volumes. 

Are you still trying to figure out where to start? Here are some examples of NUNOUS® in action. 

Furniture and homeware


Art and interior design 


Apparel and accessories






View the full NUNOU range online here


Your design is the limit

With endless design potential, the application of the NUNOUS® range is limitless. We’re honoured to be the UK-exclusive distributor of this cutting-edge product. Why not stop into our Leighton Buzzard showroom and see this wondrous sustainability innovation in person? Our expert team is on hand to assist with any queries to help you implement your design dreams. 


Email us today at to begin your adventure with NUNOUS®.

Images provided courtesy of NUNOUS®

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