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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Wooden Wall Panel Ideas For Your Office

Wooden Wall Panel Ideas For Your Office

It’s no secret that unhappy employees cost businesses a lot of money. So what can you do to make workers feel happier and more valued? A great way to make people feel more content at work is to provide a pleasant working environment. A positive work environment will boost team morale, retention and overall productivity. But it’s not only about how colleagues and managers interact; the physical environment plays a vital role in employee satisfaction.

The Importance of Office Design and Decor
One survey found that office design and decor significantly influence employees' feelings about their jobs. For example, 97 per cent of respondents consider their workplace a symbol of whether they are valued by their employer, according to a survey conducted by Management Today magazine. Yet, shockingly, nearly half of people revealed that their workplace decor and design has no personality, and just one in four respondents would be proud to show their office space to family and friends!

So, how can you make your office space a place to be truly proud of?

Install Office Wall Panels
Installing office wall panels is a great way to transform any workspace into an inspiring, welcoming environment. Office wall panels created by the Wood Veneer Hub have many benefits:

Easy installation
Wooden wall panels are easy to install. The panels can either be screwed directly into the wall or attached using acoustic felt to increase sound absorption by screwing the panels into batons. Alternatively, the panels can also be screwed directly into ceiling joists to give your office space a unique feel.

Sound absorption
At the Wood Veneer Hub, we offer a wide selection of Acupanel® wooden wall panels that have sound absorption qualities. Offices can get quite loud, especially if employees spend a considerable amount of time on the phone. Our acoustic wood wall panels provide class-A superior sound absorption, which will help to reduce disruptive noise in the office.

Finally, wooden wall panels look great in both commercial and residential spaces. So if you’re looking to give your office space a much-needed makeover, consider purchasing some wooden wall panels. Wood Veneer Hub wooden wall panels are available to purchase in a wide selection of colours and finishes, including contemporary oak, walnut, natural oak, smoked oak, rustic oak, concrete grey and black.

Which Wooden Wall Panel Range is Best For Your Office?
At the Wood Veneer Hub, we have a range of wood panelling collections, the most popular being the Acoustic, Japanese and Shaker collections:

The Wood Veneer Hub’s Acupanel® Acoustic range of wood wall panels is popular due to their sound absorption qualities. So not only do the panels look great in your office, but they also absorb sound, creating a more relaxing environment for all!

The Wood Veneer Hub also stocks EDO wood wall panels that combine the warmth of ornamental wood with distinctive patterns inspired by the East. Choose from a range of unique designs, including Chrysler oak decorative wood, art moderne oak, weave oak, game board oak and big diamond oak to give your office space a stylish revamp.

Shaker wood wall panels have grown in popularity in recent years. At the Wood Veneer Hub, we offer a range of unique Orac Decor shaker wall panels, which would add a touch of class to your office space. The beauty of the shaker panels is that they are multifunctional— you can cover an entire wall or ceiling to create a stunning space that impresses employees and clients alike.

If you can’t decide which wall panels to order for your office, why not try a wood panel sample?

In Summary
Wood wall panels will transform your office space into an inspiring, welcoming place that will make employees feel valued and give them an inspiring place where they feel motivated to do their best work. The design possibilities are almost endless with so many options to choose from, including acoustic, Japanese and shaker panels.

So whether you are looking to purchase wood panelling with acoustic properties or you’re looking for a unique, striking design that people can’t help but admire when they enter the office, we’ve got wood wall panels for you! 

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