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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
5 Design Ideas for Flexible Tambour Wall Panelling

5 Design Ideas for Flexible Tambour Wall Panelling

Flutto®: Timeless aesthetics for your home with fluted tambour panels.

Tambour wood wall panels are carefully crafted real wood veneer slats, with varying pattern options, with a physically flexible and lightweight structure. Tambour wall panelling is made for easy installation, with a flush-edge design available. They are easy to maintain, and offer a sleek finish that lasts the test of time. Tambour is an affordable alternative to solid wood panels without compromising on style.

WVH® are proud to bring to market the brand-new Flutto Flexible Tambour panelling collection: affordable luxury imbued with timeless aesthetics.


Truly affordable luxury

Flutto wall panels are the perfect way to add luxury to your interiors, without compromising on affordability. Elevating your interiors with timeless style, the wood panel finish is an affordable luxury - instead of paying for a solid wood board, you can achieve the same finish with a real wood veneer.

Easy installation

The new Flutto range of flexible tambour wall panels features flush edges, making them easy to butt up to fill gaps and hide join lines. All of the wood veneer panelling styles can be installed and removed with ease, simplifying fittings in trickier areas and unusually sized spaces. A low-lift panelling addition to quickly revitalise your space.


On-trend interior design

Repeat pattern panels are a hugely popular interior design choice, trending all over the UK. Thanks to their ease of installation and affordability, recreating the trend of continued wall patterning in your own home is simpler than ever with Flutto tambour panels.


The new tambour collection, Flutto, provides both classic and modern inspiration, strength, and durability, making it suitable for any renovation project. This brand-new range is a sophisticated and robust solution for interior walls. It is also flexible, meaning it can be fitted around curves such as columns and bars. This collection gives your space a timeless aesthetic. Whether you’re highlighting the beauty of an uncovered fireplace or making the concierge counter come to life, check out these five design ideas for our stunning new range of Flutto tambour wall panels.


Celebrate striking columns

Few wall panels are easier to install and as beautifully striking as tambour. The flexibility of this product makes panelling interior columns and pillars an effective way to add luxury. Tambour’s wrap-around ability ensures full coverage of any curve while providing an impressive statement design.


Wainscoting walls and stairways

Wainscoting is a popular design detail; a classic way to add character to a room while ensuring functionality. Tambour wall panelling is perfect for wainscoting. Give your traditional stairwell walls an elegant upgrade with the Zigzag style to obtain a gentle curve effect, softening the look of your stairwell. They are also ideal for recreating the trending design technique of continuing wall patterns. With the flexibility of Flutto panelling, you can accent stair spindles to match the wainscoting and continue the effect down a hallway and into the next room.

Easily cut to your custom size with a saw, you can expand your panels to fit your precise needs. With the option to connect panels horizontally and vertically, Flutto is ideal for wainscoting wood panels, stylizing a contemporary living space or adding volume to an open-plan office space.


Playing with light

Tambour wall panelling offers a unique opportunity to play with light and shadow in your space. Utilizing the recessed ridges of the panel with natural light can create interesting shadows, and showcase the natural beauty of the panels. Emphasize the deep, warm tones of the Mini Ridge in walnut across a feature wall, bringing a natural comfort into your living room. Or, place the Slat style in oak near a window, and allow the evening light to reflect the golden tones across your hallway.


Lavish feeling bedrooms

Flutto Flexible Tambour panels are a perfect addition to your bedroom! Thanks to its ever-impressive versatility, and lightweight nature, tambour panels can be installed behind your bed, on your wardrobe, or even on your ceiling. Beautifully crafted wood panels add a feeling of warmth and truly affordable luxury to your space—a stunning way to enhance your bedroom, adding a natural vibe to the most relaxing room in your home.


Elevate your furnishings

Whether you’re a DIY hobbyist or a seasoned carpenter, Flutto tambour wood panels are a fantastically adaptable material. Tambour has a long history of usage in furniture design. Tambour wood was originally used for drums, from which its name is derived. These panels can be used to pay homage to the wood’s origins.
With its flexibility and strength, tambour panelling can create smooth corners on sprawling reception desks, narrow boat interiors, or a kitchen bar area.



The uses of Flutto wood panels are limitless; the aesthetic of tambour is its immediate attraction, its durability, ease of maintenance, and damage resistance make it truly one-of-a-kind. Available in a gorgeous deep walnut finish and fresh oak finish, choose between our four different panel patterns, Mini-Ridge, Ridge, Slat, and Zigzag, and begin your home renovation project today.

Order your Flutto® Flexible Tambour Panels samples here, and find your perfect panel match today. Or, view the full range here for more design inspiration.

For contractors and other professionals interested in using tambour panels, check out the WVH® Trade Programme, where we offer expert consultations and bulk discounts for our valued trade customers.
Enter the hub of knowledge and expertise for wood panelling solutions. Prioritizing environmental responsibility, WVH® sources the highest quality natural wood to create a one-stop shop for a wide selection of wood products. 

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