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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Make a grand entrance with stylish wall panelling…

Make a grand entrance with stylish wall panelling…

Often located centrally in a home and frequently close by to, if not directly by a front door, the staircase is one of the most ‘seen’ areas in your home by both visitors and the occupants alike. 

In fact, in much the same way as many of us consider our cloakrooms a purely functional space, we simply see the stairs as a means of getting upstairs and down, and frequently don’t give either of these areas in our homes the attention they deserve!

Chances are that a visitor will need to use your downstairs loo from time to time, and even though guests might not be using your stairs, they will more than likely use your hallway

So, regardless of whether your property that has an upstairs or not, be sure to make the most of this ground floor space.

Choosing a suitable wallcovering for a hallway isn’t as easy as simply picking a paint colour! It’s an area that’s likely to have more traffic that you realise, even if your main front door isn’t the way you tend to go ‘in and out’ of your home.

Do your stairs lead directly off the hallway? If so, you may want some continuity of decoration, whether it’s the wall treatment, the floor covering, or both?

Is your hallway long and narrow? If so, then the walls are likely to be prone to scuffs and marking, making wooden wall panelling a perfect wallcovering that’s sure to stand the test of time. Fitted vertically, Acupanel® not only looks fabulous on the walls, but it will create the illusion of height and help to make the space feel less ‘tunnel’ like.

Does your hallway share a party wall with a neighbour, or is it close to traffic and prone to increased sound levels? Whilst most of our ranges offer some acoustic reducing properties, some of our Acupanel® products have a unique backing, that has been specifically designed to reduce sound transmission.

Create a feature wall?

Both Muratto® and Acupanel® offer a tactile, three dimensional surface. Whilst Acupanel® offers a sleek, contemporary appearance thanks to its linear design, there are a number of feature and colourful moulded surfaces in the Muratto® range.

Chock is probably the most visually eye-catching of them all, as each tile has a distinct quadrant detailing.

Equally impressive is Honeycomb, featuring a series of irregular, almost honeycomb like organic shapes that cohesively interlock to form an overall tessellation.

For a slightly ‘off the cuff’ idea, why not clad each stair riser upright in wood panelling, regardless of whether you already have it on the walls or not?

However you choose to use our wooden wall panelling, and whichever range you pick, you can be sure you’ll have a hallway to be proud of!

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