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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Why choose wooden wall panelling?

Why choose wooden wall panelling?

For any interior designer, architect or home-owner that has already used wood wall panelling, it’s a question that you’d never ask!

Once you’ve installed it on single wall, the entire room or even on the ceiling, it’s more a question of where can I install some more!

At The Wood Veneer Hub, it’s a question that we sometimes get asked, and whilst many of our repeat customers could easily give you numerous reasons as to why you would want to install wooden wall paneling, the products simply speak for themselves.

Many customers choose wood wall panelling as it offers a totally different look and feel to simply using paint or wallpaper. Not only does it add colour, wall panelling adds texture. Whilst some ranges offer a tactile wood surface that’s either rustic or smooth to the touch, others give a unique three dimensional surface.

Acupanel® and Muratto® are probably the best examples of ranges that add dimension to a wall.

With its feature narrow strips, Acupanel® offers a distinctly different linear feel. Whilst every strip is made from wood veneer, the recessed backing accentuates the dimensional surface appearance.

Muratto® on the other hand, is primarily made from cork, which is mixed with resin and dyed to give not only a fabulous assortment of colourful tiles, but an array of tessellating shapes too.

Peak and Chock feature a square format tile, divided into quarters, whereas Infinity has a fine strata line running across it.

Undertone and indeed Acupanel® itself are both ideal collections for anyone struggling with noise pollution. So, whether you live on a busy road, share a party wall with your neighbours, or live in a flat where sound travels from the apartment above or below, our acoustic wall panelling ranges will definitely help!

Another reason many people choose to use wall paneling is the simplicity of fitting it. There is no need to employ the services of a professional to install it, as most of our ranges can be fitted by a competent DIY-er. In fact, because it is so simple, here at The Wood Veneer Hub we even have a video to show you how easy the process is.

Wall panelling can conceal a multitude of the walls’ irregularities including hairline cracks and staining, so as long as the wall is sound and free from damp, then the wall panelling can be installed directly onto the wall without the need for any preparation or filling. 

There are so many reasons why wall panelling is a great solution. So, whatever the reason you’re considering wall panelling, you can be sure that you won’t be disappointed!

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