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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
The evolution of interior wooden wall panelling

The evolution of interior wooden wall panelling

Wooden wall panelling as we know it today offers so much more than just decoration.

Obviously its appearance is of upmost importance, and that’s the fundamental reason why so many choose to clad their walls with it. It’s a tactile alternative to paint or wallpaper, adding both texture and dimension, and is relatively easy to install too. Unlike most other wall treatments that require an inordinate amount of preparation, fitting wooden wall panelling can be applied directly to a walls’ surface, without the need for filling hairline cracks or small holes.

Products such as the Reclaimed range offer an authentic and rustic appeal, whilst the likes of TimberStik, with its ‘ease of installation’ peel away backing strip is designed for the novice DIYer.

Equally, ever popular Acupanel® remains a firm favourite, largely due to its impressive appearance. However, unlike the other wooden wall panelling ranges offered by The Wood Veneer Hub, Acupanel® offers premium acoustic sound insulation, which in turn also acts as a means of retaining temperature levels within a room. 

This impressive property might seem like a 21st century advancement, but ironically its fundamental ethos dates back as far as the late 15th century, when wall panelling was used to make the rooms in stone building more comfortable. The wood, with its insulating properties, was used to clad the cold stone walls and thus keep the draughts at bay!

This same theory was applied in the Gothic and Tudor periods, which saw the use of more intricate detailing appear on the wooden panels. The cladding itself was usually made of oak, with pine being used as a more affordable option.

Panelling became simpler during the Renaissance period, whilst the French chose to continue with the lavish and highly ornate style of the Tudor period. Likewise, the Italians in this same period chose to use it solely on ceilings, inspiring companies such as The Wood Veneer Hub to offer contemporary wood panelling that was suitable for use on ceilings as well as walls!

The trend for wooden wall panelling wasn’t solely limited to Europe. In fact, it became extremely popular in New England, but in a much simpler way. It’s this simplistic styling that continues to influence the way suppliers such as The Wood Veneer Hub design all of their ranges, letting the natural beauty of the wood ‘sing’.

So, if you’re looking for a new and exciting alternative to paint or wallpaper, sourced by a responsible and accredited supplier, consider wood wall panelling from The Wood Veneer Hub!
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