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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
New kitchen looks with wood veneer…

New kitchen looks with wood veneer…

When a kitchen is looking a bit tired or outdated, most of us tend to assume that the only option is to invest in a new one, or at the very least purchase some new doors.

Not only can this prove very expensive, but the disruption of having a new kitchen installation can be unsettling too, especially if the works have to be carried out whilst you’re still living there!

Often overlooked, a great way to update a kitchen is to reface the doors, the cabinets or even both using a wood veneer.

Supplied in various sheet sizes, wood veneer is so thin that when applied to the kitchen carcasses and doors, it will make very little difference to the depth of each side gable or door.

Being of a flat plane surface, the side gables of each kitchen unit are relatively easy to clad, whilst it’s the edging detail that is the most tricky to apply, which will have to be carefully cut from the overall sheet and the grain ideally pattern matched.

Flat slab style doors are the by far the easiest to apply veneer onto, compared with a more intricate door such as a ‘raised and fielded’ or ‘Shaker’ doorstyle, which should only be tackled by an expert!

An experienced user of wood veneer is likely to find using a conventional veneer relatively straight forwards, but for the novice or inexperienced, there are alternative veneers available.

Peel and Stick’, as it’s name suggests is supplied on a roll, ultra flexible and has a paper backing that when peeled away offers a strong adhesive which will stick to any flat surface.

Likewise, ‘CubeFlex’ is also fully flexible and will even contour around curved kitchen units or doors!

When it comes to easy to apply edging, wood veneer is offered in both ‘iron on’ and even ‘peel and stick’ format. Supplied on a roll, in thickness of 22mm, 30mm and 50mm, both options are much simpler to work with, and offered in a range of wood veneer finishes including Maple, Cherry, Walnut and Ash.

If you’re considering updating your kitchen, but simply don’t have the budget to buy a new one, give your existing kitchen a totally new look with look with The Wood Veneer Hub.

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