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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!

Walnut Burl Wood Veneer

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Original price £5.10 - Original price £54.00
Original price
£5.10 - £54.00
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Select Size: 180cm x 28cm

Wood Veneer Description


West coast of the USA from Southern California to Oregon.


Walnut Burr has historically been used in fine antique and period furniture, clock manufacture, restoration and exquisite car interior dashboards. The decorative appearance along side the sustainably has made walnut burr one of the most prestigious and timeless materials.

  • Automotive Interior
  • Marine Interior
  • Aircraft Interior
  • Musical Instruments
  • Marquetry
  • Decorative Wall Paneling
  • Carving & Inlays


The Walnut Burl has to be very carefully placed in boiling vats and cooked at certain temperatures over a period of days or it is susceptible to checking, warping, and shrinking.

Walnut Burl is rotary cut and due to the nature of the wood very often stones and other items are found embedded in the Burl when being cut. These are removed immediately to ensure no damage or blunting is done to the cutting knife.

Please be aware that width measurements are taken from the middle part of the sheet. This means that the width may taper below or above the stated measurement so please allow for an extra few cm or get in contact for exact measurements.