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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Stylish ideas using 3D wallcoverings

Stylish ideas using 3D wallcoverings

Imagine a three dimensional wallcovering that you can truly style and personalise as your own? Imagine a wallcovering that allows you to discover your interior design talents. Imagine a wallcovering which is sure to add dimension to your walls, and that when fitted, it can be painted to reflect your personality and tastes. Imagine no more, as Orac® Décor offers all this and so much more!

Designed by Orio Tonini, whose innovative wallcovering ideas span over 50 years, Orac® Décor has embraced the current interiors trend for is the use of repetition in design, and especially in geometric three dimensional wall panelling.

As one of the most important aspects in a home, whatever you choose for the walls is as important as the overall colour scheme itself!

Featuring a choice of three different panel designs, which can be juxtaposed in a number of ways, Orac® Décor allows you to explore pattern to its full potential.

  1. Orac®Décor Slat

Being manufactured using high quality, sustainable materials, each Slat panel closely resembles plaster, and as such Orac® Décor can be customised with paint.

Slat features a series of raised profile detailing, which cleverly interlocks to create a seamless, uniform appearance and striking linear design, or easily cut to be subsequently fixed at differing angles.

View Orac®Décor Slat here

  1. Orac®Décor Hill

Featuring a sequential series of undulating curves, Hill offers an alluring, rippling effect to your walls.

Like Slat, it too can be cut and placed at differing angles, allowing you to customise not only the finish, but the surface pattern itself!

View Orac®Décor Hill here

  1. Orac®Décor Zigzag

Zigzag, as its name suggests, comprises minimal peaks and troughs to create a distinctly different, and equally mesmerising surface, that like Slat and Hill can also be cut and customised!

As well as being easy to install, Zigzag offers both thermal and acoustic properties as well as its great looks, allowing you to transform the walls in your home in a matter of hours!

View Orac®Décor Zigzag here

Along with the hidden connection points, every lateral panel side is finished, subtly adding to the seamless overall appearance of each of the Orac® Décor designs.

Suitable for use in both domestic and commercial properties, the Orac® Décor range really is the epitome of stylish sustainable design and only available from The Wood Veneer Hub.

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