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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Wall panelling ideas inspired by a monochromatic scheme

Wall panelling ideas inspired by a monochromatic scheme

Contrary to a popular belief, a monochromatic colour scheme is not solely about decorating in black and white.

‘Monochrome’ actually refers to the use of a selection of colours from the same spectrum, usually in different depths of saturation, along with white.

Because the tones are from the same palette, they will almost certainly work extremely well together and create a cohesive interior colour scheme.

As the overall scheme is unified by the single dominant colour, accessories or accent colours in both contrasting or complementary shades will only add to the success of the interior scheme.

If a monochromatic scheme is desired, it’s important to consider using different textures to break up the uniformity of colour. 

Having such a large surface area within any room, the walls are a great place to add texture to. So, whilst the likes of flocked wallpaper might not be to everyone’s taste, wooden wall panelling can add both dimension and colour to a walls’ surface. As popular as ever, Acupanel® does both!

Offered in a fabulous array of wood tones and coloured finishes too, the Acupanel® range is available both with and without acoustic properties, meaning that if your walls need soundproofing, you can soundproof them in style!

Equally as impressive, visually appealing Muratto® is offered in seven different tile designs including Brick and Primecork.

Whilst Primecork focuses on its eye-catching, tactile cork surface, Brick features three different sized tiles which are juxtaposed together to create an easy to apply cork tile. Once fitted, the overall effect is one of a stepped surface, which is both alluring and captivating.

Lusso is another recent addition to The Wood Veneer Hub portfolio.

Offered as a fixed panel size, each Lusso finish features a luxurious wood veneer surface which can be book-matched, ensuring that each adjacent panels woodgrain will seamlessly repeat.

New to our product range, Orac® Décor is a revolutionary wall panelling which takes the current trend for repetition in design to the next level.

Not only can you customise your walls by playing with the pattern repeat to a create geometric design bespoke to you, but Orac® Décor can also be painted, allowing you to truly choose a colour, matched perfectly to your monochromatic interior scheme!

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