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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Neutral interior spaces using wooden wall panelling

Neutral interior spaces using wooden wall panelling

There’s no denying that a neutral colour scheme is sophisticated, and whilst some of us love being surrounded by colour, neutral interiors are calming, somewhat dreamy, and almost idealistic!

Achieving a cohesive neutral interior isn’t always easy, as they can frequently appear unfinished or underwhelming – something you definitely don’t want when you’ve spent a great deal of time trying to get the space just right.

Ultimately, a successfully planned neutral interior is very pleasing on the eye. The orderly and often minimal interior space tempts us into believing that we too could achieve that tranquil environment, where everything cohesively co-ordinates and appeals to us in much the same way that a showhome does! 

Sadly, neutral interiors can look somewhat plain and lack character, especially if they are missing their tactile elements. What you choose to decorate your walls with is key to achieving a successful neutral interior.

Painting the walls is an obvious choice and it’s an easy to wipe over surface. It can be re-touched if necessary, but a re-painted area can often look more obvious than the area it was trying to disguise. 

Wallpapering will certainly add decoration to your walls, adding a patterned element into the overall scheme, but once the wallpaper is scuffed or knocked, disguising a wallpaper repair is virtually impossible.

There are other choices for a walls’ surface such as tiling or even an exposed brick wall, but these tend to have their own disadvantages… A tiled wall is likely to make a room feel colder and can even change the acoustics, making the room sound more echoey, and an exposed or brick feature wall naturally attracts dust due to its very uneven surface.

Still relatively undiscovered, wooden wall paneling offers the best of everything!

Not only is it great to look at, adding both visual and tactile appeal, but it’s also resilient to knocks, dents and scratches, which in the event that they do happen, simply become part of the charm and character of the surface.

Along with these properties, certain ranges at The Wood Veneer Hub like Acupanel® also offer acoustic properties, meaning that they not only offer insulative properties within the room, but they offer sound insulation to block out sound travelling from adjacent rooms and vice versa.

Obviously not everyone needs these additional acoustic properties, so at The Wood Veneer Hub we also offer Acupanel® as a wall panelling only, supplied without its unique felt like backing that possesses these qualities.

The ever-expanding range now includes many woodgrains, plus statement colour options too. So, even if you aren’t looking for a neutral interior colour scheme, there’s an Acupanel® finish that’s bound to suit your taste.

Order your Acupanel® samples and start planning your new interior today!

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