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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
What reminds you of summer?

What reminds you of summer?

It’s hard to believe that we are already half way through June, especially with the current wet weather that we are experiencing!

We saw some record breaking temperatures during April and May, which certainly kept spirits up during lockdown. It therefore seems somewhat ironic that as lockdown restrictions ease, the weather has turned! And whilst many of us are now resigned to the fact that our summer holiday this year may be limited to the UK, the fluctuation in temperatures is making a staycation somewhat less appealing too!

Rather than dwell on what might have been or the current climate, why not ask yourself ‘what reminds you of summer?’

Whether we are abroad or at the seaside closer to home, reminiscing about the smell of the sea air or the sand between our toes are sure to transport us right back to summer holiday memories.

Colours can have the same effect too - sunny, almost golden yellow and intensely bright sky blue are sure to evoke memories of warmer days?

Along with the coastline, quaint deckchairs, rows of beach-huts, searching for shells and ice creams on the pier are all synonymous with the British seaside! So, imagine if you could have just a little bit of some of these iconic and quintessentially British seaside trademarks in your home all year round?

As our name suggests, at The Wood Veneer Hub we specialise in wood veneer.

In recent months we have diversified our product portfolio to include wooden wall panelling and solid wood furniture.

Our Reclaimed range, and especially Bijou Creek Blue features a selection of coastal inspired colours, very much reminiscent of painted beach-huts juxtaposed next to each other!

Likewise its surface, like all the Reclaimed finishes, has a rustic appeal indicative of wood that has been naturally weathered.

Offered in a kaleidoscope of colours including fabulous blues such as Topaz or Aqua, there's a Reclaimed wooden wall panel finish to suit everyone's taste and style!

If you’re after a more sophisticated surface, oozing with glamour, yet still very much with a link to the seaside, consider our Luméa Natural Shell veneers?

Stunning in appearance, these real shell veneers can be used to create feature inlays, decorative edging, or as marquetry pieces.

Responsibly harvested in New Zealand using only the finest quality shells, Luméa shell veneers are supplied in sheet format.

Each 200 x 200mm sheet is easy to handle and cut be simply cut with scissors, enabling Luméa Natural Shell Veneer to be used as large 'artwork' panels or even as an entire wall!

So, if you're fed up with this somewhat unseasonal weather and want a bit of summer in your home all year round look no further than The Wood Veneer Hub!

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