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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Wooden wall panelling – so stylish and yet so simple to install

Wooden wall panelling – so stylish and yet so simple to install

The Wood Veneer Hub, as the name suggests, is a specialist in and ‘go to’ place for fabulous wood veneers from many different species.

This love of wood goes from strength to strength, both in terms of our product portfolio and our extensive knowledge of the properties that veneer has to offer, passed through the generations.

Recently, our portfolio diversified into the on-trend and highly attractive wooden wall panelling.

Iconic of the 70’s, wooden wall panelling has recently seen a massive revival in popularity, transforming the interior spaces of many homes and commercial properties.

Something that is as eye-catching as wall panelling is often complex to install. But unlike these other wall panelling solutions, wooden wall panelling is relatively simple to fit, so much so that a competent DIY-er could install it over a relatively short space of time!

It’s always best to have the necessary equipment to hand before you start fitting wooden wall panelling, but luckily enough, most households are already likely to have the majority of these tools, making wooden wall panelling a perfect wallcovering to install, even during lockdown!

Prior to installation…

The surface of the wall or ceiling that you will be installing the panelling onto must be relatively smooth, structurally sound and be clean, dry, and free from dust.

It’s essential that you leave the planks to acclimatise to the temperature and humidity of the room that they are to be installed in for a couple of days.

Installing the wooden panels

We currently offer three different ranges of wooden panelsAcupanel is our slatted wood wall and ceiling panels, our Reclaimed range and our Peel and Stick range, the simplest to install.

Acupanel, with its streamlined, contemporary looks offers the added benefit of acoustic insulating properties. To maximise this benefit, it is recommended that batons be fixed to the wall, and the Acupanels be fixed to them.


However, if they being installed for their fabulous looks alone, the panels can be screwed directly onto the wall through their felt backing, yet still providing some sound absorption.

If installing our Reclaimed range, it may be preferential to paint the wall or ceiling in a similar colour to your chosen panels, as due to the naturally weathered surface finish of this range, miniscule gaps may be visible between the panels once installed.

Our TimberStik product is super easy to apply, enabling even a novice DIY-er to competently fit them. Supplied with a peel away adhesive backing strip, these panels can simply be presented up to the walls’ surface and stuck in place.

As you would expect, our highly experienced team are on hand to answer all your queries and questions relating to our ranges, and are only too happy to help.

So, if you’re considering updating a room in your home, let The Wood Veneer Hub transform your walls and ceilings, with our fabulous array of stunning wooden wall panels.

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