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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Acoustic versus Non-Acoustic Wood Wall Panels

Acoustic versus Non-Acoustic Wood Wall Panels

Since its launch, Acupanel® has surpassed even our own expectations, and continues to go from strength to strength, transforming walls across the UK and now into America too!

It really has become the on-trend wallcovering solution for the discerning homeowner, and just like its popularity, the range of products available has seen exponential growth!

As well as offering a stylish wooden wall panelling solutions, transforming walls across the UK and beyond, Acupanel® offers so much more!

Having originally launched with premium acoustic properties, it became apparent that not everyone required this sound absorbing benefit, but they still wanted the stylish looks that Acupanel® offers. So, along with offering our contemporary, rustic and colour ranges, we now offer non-acoustic Acupanel® too.

Visually these ranges appear very similar, it’s the backing material that is responsible for the acoustic properties.

The surface of both acoustic and non-acoustic Acupanel® is made from beautiful wood veneer, whilst the backings are made from a recycled, felt like material that is slightly flexible, versus a rigid MDF back. 

Fundamentally, the acoustic version can significantly reduce sound levels and noise reverberation between walls, floors and ceilings and even adjacent properties, whereas the non-acoustic version does not possess these properties.

As is the case with most wooden wall panelling ranges, both the acoustic and non-acoustic versions offer some thermal insulation due to simply adding an additional layer to the walls’ surface. This benefit will help to retain the heat in a room in the cooler months, and reduce the heat coming into a room from outside in warmer months.

Both acoustic and non-acoustic Acupanel® is suitable for use in almost any interior space, apart from where it might come into direct contact with water.

It can even be used on ceilings and in weather withstanding garden rooms, which has proved invaluable over the past months, when people have quickly had to adapt to working from home, alongside school aged children and other home based workers. 

So, regardless of whether your home is in need of some acoustic soundproofing or not, you can now transform the walls in your home with fabulous Acupanel®, now available with our without acoustic properties!
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