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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Acupanel – so much more than wooden wall panelling…

Acupanel – so much more than wooden wall panelling…

Long gone are the days when the only alternative to painting a wall was to use wallpaper!

Obviously, tiling is one option and necessary in rooms that come into direct contact with water, but unlike painting, wallpapering or tiling is not something that a novice DIY-er should undertake.

Paint will add colour into a room, and as long as you have a steady hand for edging, then applying it is fairly straightforward. However, if the walls’ surface is uneven or needs cracks filing before the painting can commence, the overall time to decorate the room soon mounts up! Hairline cracks all too often appear, even on a freshly plastered wall and no amount of paint can disguise them!

That’s where wooden wall panelling comes into its own! Each wooden plank is unique in appearance, thanks to the original woodgrain and knots of the tree.

Each plank is cut and finished, to offer consistency and uniformity in terms of panel size. And unlike painting, wallpapering or tiling, as long as the wall is relatively sound, wooden wall panelling can be applied to the surface, to cleverly disguise any imperfections within the walls’ surface.

The collections, and finishes within each range vary too, offering freedom of choice and options to suit all colour schemes. But unlike the other ranges, Acupanel offers so much more than just its looks!

It’s undeniably a fabulously attractive wallcovering with its distinguishing thin strips.

Available in a choice of five wood finishes, plus stunning new Concrete, Acupanel is supplied as both as ready to fix panels of 600mm or as individual strips, so you can be totally creative in how you use it.

Plus, Acupanel is responsibly sourced - even the backing material is made from recycled plastic bottles!

And it’s this unique backing that offers so much more than just an easy way to fix the panels to the wall.

Whilst the wood itself offers some insulation, it’s the backing that offers the acoustic insulating properties. As well as retaining heat or keeping warm temperatures at bay in hotter weather, the backing amazingly acts as a sound barrier too!

So, if you’re looking for an on-trend wallcovering that offers so much more than just great looks, choose Acupanel.

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