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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Are your walls looking bare this January?

Are your walls looking bare this January?

As last night was 12th night, officially all festive decorations should have been taken down, often leaving our rooms feeling bare…

Maybe it’s the colder weather, perhaps it’s just a case of the January blues, or simply that we’ve been accustomed to seeing an abundance of colour in our houses, but somehow, the rooms in our homes seem that bit plainer than they did before!

Knowing what would make your interior space ‘sparkle’ again isn’t always that easy. You might think that you no longer love your sofa, that your window treatment has seen better days, or that your hallway is looking tired and neglected, when the problem might be more obvious than you realise!


As two of the biggest surface areas in a room, plain walls and ceilings can be uninspiring and simply boring!

Whilst paint might seem like the easiest wallcovering treatment to apply, especially for the novice DIYer, there are plenty of other wallcovering options available to choose from!

As wallpapering a room requires both practise and skill, many people think of paint as their only option!

Wooden wall panelling is a great alternative to paint. Relatively easy to apply, it’s also designed to hide a multitude of surface imperfections such as hairline cracks and dents in the wall.

Supplied in fixed width panels, each made up of a series of thin, individual slats, Acupanel looks both fabulous and is designed for ease of installation. Plus its unique felt like backing has insulative properties too, offering superior sound absorption.

Each panel is supplied in 2.4m lengths, making it best suited to the average British ceiling height, whilst avoiding any unnecessary joins.

It’s a wall panelling that looks equally at home in a lounge, dining room, bedroom, conservatory and hallway – in fact, there aren’t many places that it doesn’t look great fitted in! 

Offered in both Rustic and Contemporary finishes, and available in a range of wooden shades, plus Concrete and Black, there’s sure to be an Acupanel for you! And, if you’re in any doubt as to which one is right for you, our sampling service allows you to see before you buy!

Stop your walls looking unloved this January, and indeed during 2021 with Acupanel, the new and exciting way to stop your walls looking bare!

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