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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Concrete and brick wallcoverings, oozing with industrial style!

Concrete and brick wallcoverings, oozing with industrial style!

Industrial style remains a firm favourite amongst interior designers, architects and homeowners alike!

It’s a style that largely owes its popularity to the minimalist looks of warehouse conversions and open plan living, and its key features usually include striking architectural detailing, reclaimed flooring and exposed walling. 

All too often these original features have been lost, and whilst some can be carefully and lovingly restored back to their former glory, many are beyond repair and sadly too damaged to repair!

Salvage and restoration yards tend to have a great selection of replacement flooring, and whilst it’s ‘pot luck’ trying to find matching architectural features, restoring a brick walls’ damaged surface isn’t always as simple as replacing ‘like for like’. Even if you do fall lucky and come across matching bricks, getting the mortar mix to seamlessly blend in is virtually impossible! 

At The Wood Veneer Hub we now offer a comprehensive range of Concrete and Brick wall sheets made from REAL veneers.

Designed for maximum impact, coupled with ease of installation, these wall finishes epitomise the many iconic surfaces of minimalist urban style, in a simple to apply sheet format.

Supplied on a roll, each product is designed to closely emulate the original finish, making it as realistic as possible but without the time consuming processes of brick laying, or skimming and then polishing a concrete surface, along with the expense of the raw materials as well! 

Each flexible sheet is composed of recycled stone and metal, which is ground into a powder, then thinly applied to the surface using revolutionary new technology. This results in an incredibly versatile product which can bend around curves of up to 90°, making it suitable for many DIY projects and home decoration installations.

Just like the ‘real thing’, it’s suitable for use on surfaces that are exposed to water too, so the range can also be used in bathrooms and shower enclosures, along with external applications!

This ‘flexibility’ of uses means that it is fast becoming a preferred choice of interior designers and architects too.

Each of the Concrete and Brick finishes does have a slight colour variation, due to the authentic materials used, but rather than specifying a finish like polished concrete to the client, with little control as to how the overall final colour will appear, with our ‘Concrete and Brick’ sheets you can see a physical swatch prior to buying!

Create a truly authentic concrete or brick effect on your walls with our Concrete and Brick sheets, only available from The Wood Veneer Hub! 

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