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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Cork wallcovering ideas

Cork wallcovering ideas

Cork might not be the first idea that comes to mind why choosing a new wallcovering! In fact, it’s probably better known as being the must have floorcovering in the 70’s. Supplied in a tile format, it was quick and easy to lay whilst providing warmth underfoot.

Much like many trends that have seen a revival, the recent surge in the popularity of cork, and especially as a wallcovering choice is not solely down to its great looks.

Of Portuguese origin, cork is harvested from the bark of cork oak trees that primarily grow along the Iberian peninsula. These trees grow in abundance thanks to the low rainfall, high humidity and plentiful sunshine. Rather than the tree having to be felled, as is the case when wood is harvested, the cork bark can be stripped every nine to 12 years, making it a truly renewable and eco-friendly commodity.

Its properties, which are coincidentally unique to cork also include it being lightweight, impermeable to gas and liquid and insulative, making it an ideal material to use as a wallcovering.

At The Wood Veneer Hub, we’ve recently introduced cork based Muratto® into our portfolio of products.

This range comprises seven, very visually different cork tiles and wall panels, each as equally beautiful as the next. 


In a more conventional format tile, Primecork luxury cork wall panels are offered in a conservative colour palette of warm and inviting shades of brown, beiges and greys. This classy, almost decadent tile is sure to add a luxurious touch to every interior space.

2. Brick

Brick includes a colourful selection of muted shades including Green and Terracotta. Its multi-faceted surface has been designed for ease of installation, whilst forming a tessellating, three dimensional, interlocking brick surface pattern. Supplied as a single tile comprising three different sized tiles, embrace your inner interior designer!

3. Undertone

The unique surface structure of Undertone is not only very visually striking, but it offers noise reducing qualities too! Each tile is made from a mixture of large granules of cork and natural resin, which is then coloured using pigment to give the array of bold and contemporary colours, and moulded into each unique surface pattern.

4. Peak

Supplied as a square format tile, Peak features four symmetrical pyramid shapes, each set at slightly different angles to create an irregular, yet enticingly beautiful pattern.

5. Chock

Also supplied in a square format, Chock features a series of four symmetrical squares, each subtly angled on a different plane to create a distinctly irregular yet enticingly repetitive overall effect!

6. Beehive

For a very different surface design, that’s sure to become a talking point, choose Beehive! As its name suggests, it’s been influenced by the geometric shape of a honeycomb, and features a series of juxtaposed irregular honeycomb shapes. Once fitted, the overall effect is truly mesmerising, making it a perfect wallcovering for any feature wall in your home or commercial interior space.

7. Infinity

The linear detailing of Infinity creates a seamless stripe, which subtly flows across each oversized cork tile, to create a striking wallcovering surface. Add into the mix a feature panel in a contrasting colour and the results really are impressive, especially when they can be achieved in a matter of hours.

Embrace your creativity with Muratto®, the premium cork wallcovering from The Wood Veneer Hub.

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