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Concrete and Brick Sheets

The Wood Veneer Hub has the ultimate solution for creating a concrete effect in your interiors. With our real concrete wall sheets, it has never been easier to add a concrete surface to your interior walls. Our concrete veneer sheets are available in a range of colours and the self-adhesive concrete veneer means you can create a concrete and brick surface without the lengthy process of applying cement.

A revolutionary production method.

To develop our concrete wall sheets, we use a revolutionary production method. They’re created at a tiny thickness to make them flexible, with a strong backing applied. This process allows you to get a full concrete effect by easily applying our real concrete and brick veneer sheets to your surface.

Concrete in a whole new light.

Our state-of-the-art technology, which uses real stone veneer, offers you the ability to interpret our concrete wall sheets in a whole new light. These innovative, easy-to-use concrete sheets allow you to fully recreate a natural appearance with ease.

Wall, floor and ceiling application.

The concrete and brick wall sheets can be fitted easily onto any flat surface, be it walls, floors or ceilings. Our concrete veneer sheets have been created using real stone, making them ideal for both wet and dry areas.

Concrete and Brick Sheet FAQ

Are the concrete and brick sheets fire retardant?

The concrete and brick sheets are fire rated at A2 and are CE approved. The sheets are designed for cooker backsplashes, fire surrounds and commercial applications.

How flexible are the concrete and brick sheets?

Each surface is flexible at 19 degrees and 90 degrees when warmed.

Will the concrete and brick surface change colour over time?

The stone is a natural product and will lighten with UV rays if not correctly sealed. However, the colour will not change over time.

How do I install the concrete and brick sheets?

The concrete and brick sheets can be installed with a suitable adhesive to almost any flat surface; we recommend our indoor glue, which comes as plug and play or MAPEI, a flexible semi-contact adhesive for exteriors or wet room.

We recommend MAPEI silicon based glue or mineral glue.

The installation guide can be viewed here.

Do I have to acclimatise the concrete before unrolling?

Yes, the concrete must be kept at room temperature to acclimatise to the environment before un-rolling.

How do I cut the concrete and brick sheets?

The concrete sheets can be simply cut with a Stanley blade.

Is there a joint line between the sheets?

You will see a thick wallpaper line between the sheets, and you can embrace the join and leave a 2mm gap or use the joining paste to blend over the sheets. You must use masking tape on the stone before applying the joint paste to not mark the stone.

How do you finish the edges of the surface?

External edging – apply the small edge first, overlap the large edge by 2mm, masking tape the edges, then sand. The joint fill can be used for any gaps. Internal edging – butt the edges up and run a sealant down in the shower.

Do the concrete and brick surfaces require a sealant?

The surfaces are 100% natural stone which is naturally porous to oils, grease and limescale. We recommend water based sealants, or any hard sealer you can find in dye shops but always remember to do a patch test with any sealant to make sure it does not change the stone's colour. Bathrooms and kitchens may need resealing yearly.

Are the sheets waterproof, and can they be used in showers?

Yes, it is waterproof; however, we recommend protecting it against limescale and oils.

Can I use the concrete and brick sheets outside?

You can use the stone on walls externally; however, it will need to be protected with our external finish.

Still Have Questions?

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