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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Creative ways with CubeFlex

Creative ways with CubeFlex

Retaining all the beauty and characteristics of natural wood, but with the durability of a laminate is CubeFlex, the fully flexible and new approach to veneer!

Unlike traditional veneers, which need to be handled carefully due to their brittle properties, each CubeFlex roll is totally flexible.

This flexibility is achieved thanks to the polymer resin, which is then layered with a melamine film, whilst retaining the allure and beauty of the wood itself.

Being prefabricated, its realistic non glossy appearance offers a consistent finish, both in terms of grain and indeed colour.

Each CubeFlex sheet is supplied in a prefabricated roll, which is both lightweight and easy to work with, measuring 2400mm x 600mm. This roll size format means that it can be easily cut, allowing even someone new to using veneers to be able to tackle more complex shapes.

The flexible finish can then be formed around curved edges and contours, making it much easier to use than conventional veneer, plus joins are virtually invisible.

Along with offering antibacterial properties, CubeFlex can withstand high impact and staining. It even has resistance to some chemicals and can be applied directly to many substrate finishes including plywood and MDF, making it an ideal material to totally transform any number of surfaces including contemporary or office furniture, kitchen units and even internal doors and staircases.

Obviously, thanks to its flexibility, CubeFlex isn’t just limited to flat surfaces. It can be used to transform a solid item of furniture in a matter of hours, and is simply fixed in place using a contact adhesive spray.

As well as all these benefits, CubeFlex wood veneer has been responsibly sourced and is harvested from sustainably cultivated trees, to minimize environmental impact.

With 13 on trend finishes to choose from, all available in a kit format if required, you’ll have everything you need to transform your chosen project at your fingertips!

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