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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
CubeFlex – the new way to upcycle…

CubeFlex – the new way to upcycle…

Also known as ‘creative re-use’, upcycling is fundamentally about updating unwanted or useless products, transforming them to become loved once again!

Aside from significantly reducing the number of discarded items, the environmental benefits of upcycling are massive, and fundamentally include the need for further production of replacements items. In fact, in the ‘throw-away’ world that we seem accustomed to, upcycling should and must be the way forward!

Upcycling can be implemented on all manner of things, from furniture and fashion to lighting and flooring, giving each dated item a fresh and exciting new look and feel. 

Whilst many of us have subconsciously upcycled an item in our homes, the chances are we have had to employ the services of a professional to undertake our request. A lick of paint to update a favourite sideboard can be done by an amateur DIYer, but reupholstering a sofa is best left to an expert!

That’s where CubeFlex comes into its own.

An alternative upcycling solution, it offers a choice of exciting and trendy woodgrain veneer finishes to transform even the dowdiest of units or worksurfaces.

How is it different?

CubeFlex is different to more traditional veneers, being both fully flexible and durable.

The wood is impregnated with polymer resin, which is then layered with a melamine film. This ensures it can withstand high impact and staining, and it even has a resistance to some chemicals. The flexible finished product can be formed around curved edges, and can be applied directly to many substrate finishes including plywood and MDF.

Responsibly sourced.

The Wood Veneer Hub is committed to finding products that are responsibly sourced, with environmental impact in mind. As such, CubeFlex wood products are harvested from sustainably cultivated trees.

Ease of application?

Each CubeFlex sheet is supplied in a lightweight and easy to ‘work with’ size, meaning that even a DIY enthusiast can transform a solid item of furniture in a matter of hours, with spectacular results.

Once each separate piece has been cut, it is simply fixed in place using a contact adhesive spray.

With on-trend finishes to choose from, ranging from pale ‘Olea Quarter Olive Wood’ to the rich shade of ‘Juglans Quarter American Walnut’, there sure to be a finish you’ll love. 

Be kind to the environment and upcycle today with CubeFlex wood veneers.
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