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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Discover the true beauty of wood at The Wood Veneer Hub!

Discover the true beauty of wood at The Wood Veneer Hub!

Whilst most wood veneers are finished to a smooth, almost ‘polished’ effect for ease of application and looks, and are intended for use in the restoration of furniture or marquetry, we have recently diversified and introduced three ranges of wooden wall panelling options into our portfolio too!

All very different in appearance, each wall panelling range has been specifically selected for both the colour selection and properties.

Our decorative ‘Acoustic’ panels feature a streamline linear detail of thin lamella strips. Their contemporary looks make them an extremely modern solution for an interior wallcovering or feature wall, and their acoustic properties reduce sound levels from room to room, or floor to floor!

Available in a choice of five distinguishing finishes, they will create a bold statement in any domestic or commercial interior space.

Equally, our ‘TimberStik’ range features a series of six finishes. Five are conventional, and range from White Washed and palest Dove Grey to Graphite, an intensely deep shade of grey with underlying black accents.

The final ‘TimberStik’ option is ‘Harlequin’, a multi-coloured, decorative surface with truly eye-catching appeal!

Aptly name, each ‘TimberStik’ plank has a pre-applied adhesive strip, making the installation process that much quicker and easier. Rather than having to use a suitable, strong glue and temporary tacks to hold each panel in place while the glue dries, the adhesive backing strip sticks firmly when pressure is applied.

Our ‘Reclaimed & Weathered’ wall panelling is completely different in appearance to our veneers, having a rustic surface texture.

Sourced from North America and Eastern Europe, our ‘Reclaimed’ range offers an authentic, weathered finish, thanks to the natural aging process caused by the external elements, from where it’s been harvested.

Presented in six differing options, including mid oak tones, warm greys and a blend of coastally inspired colours, not only does the finish vary but the woodgrain too, making each plank truly unique!

Whatever the application, discover the beauty of wood only at The Wood Veneer Hub.

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