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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Getting creative with CubeFlex

Getting creative with CubeFlex

Pioneering the way, CubeFlex champions a new approach to veneers.

Fully flexible, each CubeFlex sheet has been treated to offer all the benefits of durable laminate, whilst still retaining the beauty of the wood itself. Its flexibility means that it’s not only easy to cut, but it’s extremely easy to use, allowing even a novice to tackle a more complex shape or surface.

One such complex shape, where CubeFlex was used to great effect was an open shelf unit, sent in by one of our customers and made up of many hexagons juxtaposed next to each other.

Each separate hexagon was individually veneered internally, externally and to the shelf’s front face. The feature mitre joints were also simple to cut as the CubeFlex product is so easy to trim!


Supplied in a rolled sheet format, each roll is 2400mm, so it is possible to achieve a pattern matched grain across a number of drawer fronts.

CubeFlex walnut veneer was used to cover a wall hung, three drawer unit. The pattern matched grain adds to the minimal style of these sophisticated drawers, to create an eye-catching modern piece of furniture.

Whilst this furniture had no curved edges, each drawer had a concealed handleless top edge, which allowed the CubeFlex veneer to contour around it, without the risk of splitting where more conventional veneers would be like to fracture.

Obviously, the pattern matched grain can also be used on door fronts too, giving an equally modern feel to a sideboard or bank of wall units.

The key is to remember the order of each door front, before cutting and sticking the CubeFlex

As well as all these benefits, CubeFlex has been responsibly sourced from wood sources that honour a fully sustainable cultivation, to minimize environmental impact.

Order a sample today and discover the look, feel and quality of CubeFlex for yourself.

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