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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Inspirational ideas using wood panelling on ceilings

Inspirational ideas using wood panelling on ceilings

It’s fair to say that all rooms have a ceiling!

Even if the space itself is open plan, features double height walls, or is a grand entrance hallway with a balcony staircase and platform landing, where each gives the illusion of there being no apparent ceiling, ultimately all rooms do ‘stop’ somewhere!

Most ceilings are construction using plasterboard, which is almost always conventionally painted. It’s a shame really given that most ceilings are the same size as the floor beneath, and most people would give a lot of consideration into choosing a floorcovering finish.

In fact, given that it’s such a large surface area, more thought should be given as to the finish of a ceiling.

Frequently used on walls, as an alternative to wallpaper or paint, wooden wall panelling is a fabulous choice for a ceiling covering too, adding style, colour and texture.

The benefits of cladding a ceiling with wood wall panelling don’t just stop with the visual appeal. Just like walls, a plastered ceiling is prone to hairline cracks, and whilst fine surface filler and touching up is fairly straightforward on walls, the same can’t be said for ceilings!

At The Wood Veneer Hub, Acupanel® has undoubtedly become the number one choice for cladding ceilings. Largely down to its designer looks, it not only looks sensational in domestic properties, but it’s gracing the ceilings of many commercial installations too, thanks to the many interior designers and architects who also favour it, in lieu of a plain painted ceiling.

Each Acupanel® section is made up of a series of thin wood veneer strips. These are either mounted onto an acoustic felt like backing, or simply supplied as fixed large panels that don’t offer the sound insulation properties.

Acupanel® can be easily used as a feature inset detail within a ceiling, perfect for defining the space below, or used to clad an entire ceiling. 

Probably the most popular and very visual way to use Acupanel® on the ceiling is when it is installed on the wall and ceiling too. It’s especially effective when the geometric linear design is fitted vertically on the walls and then continues onto the ceiling, perfectly matching up each individual slat, so that the overall effect seamlessly flows.

This idea works especially well in hallways, as the space tends to be narrow and it gives the illusion of the are being more spacious than it actually is.

It also looks spectacular when used behind a bed in place of a headboard. The linear detailing of the Acupanel® planks naturally lead the eye towards the bed, then up the wall and onto the ceiling, and creates a style reminiscent of ‘hotel chic’.

However you choose to use Acupanel®, or indeed any of the responsibly sourced wooden wall panelling ranges that The Wood Veneer Hub offers, we are certain that you won’t be disappointed!
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