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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Is Wood Veneer Real Wood?

Is Wood Veneer Real Wood?

Wood veneer is most certainly made from real wood! 

In fact, the dictionary definition of a veneer is:

A thin sheet or layer of a superior or decorative grained wood, often bonded to a lesser grade wood such as plywood.

It’s understandable why some people think wood veneer isn’t really made from real wood, especially when some of the veneer species available are so different, eye-catching and occasionally rare!

Suppliers such as The Wood Veneer Hub specialise in sourcing premium grade veneers from around the world. 

Each species is responsibly harvested, and frequently the selected trees are cut down to make way for many more trees to grow, thus ensuring that the trees will thrive in the long term.

When felled, each trunk is prepared, then almost paper-thin sheets are sliced to create the veneer. Due to the growth of every tree, no two pieces of wood veneer will ever be truly identical. Each subsequent cut veneer sheet may appear almost identical, but to the trained eye, the unique differences will be apparent.

Once in sheet format, the veneer can be supplied in its raw state to be used in all manner of applications including fine inlay work and marquetry, or to update or restore a damaged wooden surface, such as a dining room table top.

Matching a replacement veneer to a partially damaged veneer isn’t always easy. But, thanks to the extensive library of stocked veneer species that The Wood Veneer Hub has, is just one of the many reasons as to why we are recognised as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of real timber veneer.

In much the same way as raw timber, to fully appreciate the beautiful lustre of real wood, it will be necessary to apply an oil, wax or varnish to the wooden veneer surface. Depending on where the veneer is to be used, and the level of surface shine required, will also dictate the suitability of the finishing product.

As well as being supplied in its thin, raw state, The Wood Veneer Hub also offers paper backed and totally flexible veneers such as CubeFlex, ideal for someone with less experience, or when the installation isn’t directly onto a totally flat surface. Unlike untreated sheet veneer, which tends to brittle, these veneers are usually finished with a resin to add to their flexible properties.

Another use of wood veneer is as wood wall panelling, and Acupanel is the best example of this.

Each Acupanel veneer strip is carefully applied to a felt like backing material. Unlike many veneers that are bonded to a plywood or chipboard base, then used in furniture production as a luxurious alternative to laminate, each Acupanel backboard creates its distinctive three dimensional appearance, whilst offering acoustic sound insulation properties.

Much like CubeFlex, when time is of the essence and ease of installation is required, there’s TimberStik!

Supplied with a pre-adhesive tape, each plank can be fixed to the wall by simply removing the backing strip, making it the perfect choice for any novice DIYer looking to update a room in their home!

Whatever the type of wood veneer or associated veneer product you’re after, our team is always on hand to help, offer guidance and answer any queries that you may have!

At The Wood Veneer Hub, one thing is certain, and that is that all our wood veneer is definitely made from wood!

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