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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Our wooden wall panels are ‘getting around!’

Our wooden wall panels are ‘getting around!’

From the ‘cobbled streets’ of a well-known TV soap, to the equally recognisable, out of town Swedish store whose meatballs are as iconic as the flat-pack furniture they also sell, our wooden wall panels are ‘getting around!’

Gracing the walls of many UK homes, both Acupanel® and our Reclaimed ranges are amongst some of our most popular wall panelling ranges to date.

They are easy to install, offering a fabulously stylish, updated appearance to any walls’ surface. Being made from wood, they are sure to add both warmth and character too, thanks to their tactile surface.

Suitable for using on ceilings as well as walls, the way that they effortlessly fix to the desired surface is just one of the many reasons as to why they are so popular in commercial installations too. And it’s this simplicity and ease of fixing that was fundamental when an IKEA store was looking for a backdrop for one of their bedroom settings.

After looking at a few different options, the IKEA store settled on a Reclaimed finish, as the tones co-ordinated so well with the overall colour scheme, cohesively incorporating rich and rustic browns with warm taupe shades.

Wooden wall panelling has always been a popular choice with the Scandinavians. This trend emerged in the 70’s with a distinctive linear design, much like our current Acupanel® products. Frequently using woods like Teak, the style was for simplism and texture, mixing throws and soft furnishings with subtly detailed furniture. This popular trend continues today and is referred to as Skandi style.

Whilst the theme was most definitely not Skandi, a famous TV soap decided to use Acupanel® on the walls of one of their sets.

Inherently sterile looking for obvious reasons, the TV producers decided to give the hospital waiting areas on the set a more ‘comfortable’ feel, mixing soft greens with pale wood shades, and settling on Contemporary Oak Acupanel® with a grey felt backing, to clad feature inset detail of the walls.

This soft grey tone was then used on both the woodwork and as the floor covering to co-ordinate the whole scheme together.

You might not yet have spotted it, or indeed realised it was Acupanel®, so be sure to watch out for it next time you’re tuned in to your favourite ITV soap!
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