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Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Free shipping on the Acupanel® panel range!
Stylish interior design ideas using sunshine yellow…

Stylish interior design ideas using sunshine yellow…

As individuals, we are naturally inspired by the things we see and feel that are around us.

When it’s dull and grey outside, our mood can be somewhat melancholy, whereas when the weather gets warmer and the sun comes out, so too does our positivity and enthusiasm!

Whilst bright and cheerful shades from the yellow spectrum are colours that many of us would find ourselves being attracted to in spring or summer, it’s generally not a colour that we would pick during the winter months… That’s if we had the energy to undertake a home improvements project in the first place!

However, even without the better recent weather, this joyful hue is gathering in popularity. Along with the new found optimism this spring, that coincides with the vaccine rollout, Pantone has recently released its 2021 Colours of the Year.

‘Illuminating’ is a happy, canary yellow that’s sure to make you smile, and ‘Ultimate Grey’ is a sophisticated, mid-toned shade of grey, that just so happens to be the perfect complement for ‘Illuminating’ any interior colour scheme!

In fact, when it comes to choosing an accent colour for an interior, especially one that’s predominantly grey, yellow is a firm favourite.


Even without its askew geometric lines, a sunny yellow wall would be a bold choice in most interior schemes. Yet it is perfectly balanced by a foreground feature wall of Acupanel® in ‘Dusty Grey’.

This latest addition to the Acupanel® portfolio brings the total number of colours offered to three, and the overall number of options to 12.

Go bold!

When opting for a vibrant accent colour, many people simply ‘play it safe’ and accessorise with cushions or throws, rather than opting for a significant purchase like a sofa, in their chosen accent shade.

Equally striking ‘Graphite Grey’ from the TimberStik collection is super easy to fix to the wall, transforming it in a matter of hours!

Sophisticated elegance…

Undoubtedly, some of the woodgrain Acupanel® finishes offered by The Wood Veneer Hub are amongst the most striking surfaces available. ‘Contemporary Walnut’, with its smooth veneered surface, cohesively co-ordinates with the other elements in this sophisticated dining room, to reinforce the rooms’ eclectic Scandinavian styling.

Natural warmth

With its alluring appeal, ‘Smoked Oak’ Acupanel® is sure to add warmth and charm to any interior space, especially when teamed with a buttery yellow sofa, that looks as inviting to sit in, as the wall does to touch!

Subtly different

With Acupanel®, often less is more… and the use of it in this setting couldn’t demonstrate this concept more perfectly!

Rather than being backed in black felt, ‘Contemporary Oak’ has a subtler grey felt backing, allowing a more pared back, visually eye-catching, feature panel.

Skandi style

Although the colour palette most associated with Skandi style tends to be that of a neutral one, everyone loves a bit of colour in their home! Whilst most colours will work as accents in a neutral scheme, yellow is the perfect zesty shade to add vibrancy into a Skandi interior.

It’s all about the details!

Minimally styled, open plan spaces can sometimes feel cold, and even underwhelming, making choosing the right key features, especially on the walls, all the more important!

The designer led Muratto® range is just one of the many distinctive, three dimensional wall surface coverings currently offered by The Wood Veneer Hub.

With seven different patterns and a wealth of vibrant colours, cork based Muratto® encompasses a fully sustainable and innovative product at its very best!

Whatever style, trend or colour combination inspires you, you can be sure that there’s a fabulous wallcovering to suit both your taste and budget at The Wood Veneer Hub!

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